30+ Absolutely Incredible And Fascinating Pictures

Let your imagination soar as you explore this stunning collection of absolutely incredible and fascinating pictures.

And, finally, in 1961, auditions were held for the role of the black cat in the film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat.” Lots of black cats showed up:

152 cats in total came out to vie for the role they were born to play.

This is what the view of downtown Manhattan looked like from the Empire State Building the year it opened in 1931..

And this is what that same view looks like today:

Speaking of New York City, this home used to sit on West 84th Street and Broadway in 1874. It’s also where Edgar Allen Poe (probably) wrote The Raven:

This, my friends, is what the inside of a bag of microwave popcorn looks like:

This is how good Disney World is at hiding their rides, specifically the Haunted Mansion:

This is what a Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying animal ever recorded, looks like compared to a human:

Speaking of giant extinct animals, this is how big the largest shark that ever lived, the Megalodon, was compared to a human:

This is what the control room on a British submarine looked like in the 1960s:

This is a picture of 107-year-old Civil War veteran Bill Lundy posing with a fighter jet in 1955:

This is what a tumbleweed looks like before it…tumbles:

The inside of a fire alarm is just a tiny little switch:

Notre Dame cathedral used to have a parking lot out front:

This is the last picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt ever taken, snapped just one day before his death:

And, just for fun, this is a picture of FDR as a baby:

This is Hannah Stilley Gorby, the oldest person to ever have been photographed:

I mean, she was the earliest, oldest person ever photographed. She was most likely born in 1746 and captured in this photo in 1840 at the age of 94.

This is Methuselah, the oldest tree in the world:

It’s over 4,850 years old and located in eastern California. Folks, do we stan Methuselah, the ancient tree?

This is what the back of a bowling alley lane looks like

This is Ham, the first chimpanzee in space, enjoying a celebratory apple after successfully making it 160 miles above Earth

And, finally, stop signs can be very, very, very, very, very tiny:

This is what Mount St. Helens looked like before it erupted in 1980, becoming the deadliest volcanic eruption in US history…

And this is what Mount St. Helens looked like after the 1980 eruption:

This is what the blowhole on a humpback whale looks like:

This is what the Space Shuttle Endeavour looked like as it left Earth and traveled to outer space:

This is Charlotte and Majorie Collyer, a mother and daughter who survived the wreck of the Titanic in 1912:

Charlotte’s husband and Majorie’s dad Harvey Collyer died in the wreck. Also lost in the tragedy was the family’s life savings of £5,000 cash.

This is what the battleship USS Independence looks like outside of water:

This is what the inside of a hedge looks like:

This picture, taken in 1925, is the last known photo of a Barbary lion in the wild:

Once prevalent across Northern Africa, the lion went extinct because of, you guessed it, humans.

This is what the Statue of Liberty looks like from the back:

This is what one college student’s dorm room looked like in the 1910s:

Traffic lights are absolutely enormous:

This is what the bottom of a lily pad looks like:

Niagara Falls froze over in 1883:

Curved escalators are a thing that exist:

This is the “American Candy” section in a British gas station:

I believe that all candy is good candy, but I think they could’ve done a better job here. Lots of low-tier Halloween trick-or-treat ones here.

Speaking of which, this is what a freeze-dried Skittle looks like:

This is what Gutzon Borglum’s original model for Mount Rushmore looked like:

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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