30+ Actual Photos That Look Like Screenshots From Video Games

“Soup Of Infinite Possibilities. +50 Luck”

“Long Bonk. +400% Range, +190% Bonk”

“Cowboy Dog (Companion) Assists With Combat, Deals 50 Damage Per Strike, Heals Master With Cuteness”

“The Possum Orb. Does Random Stuff When Thrown At Another Entity”

“Key To The Spirit World (Ring Variant) -100 Hp”

“Holy PC. +100 Speed, +200 Faith, 50% Chance Faulty Logic Board”

“Engineer Pet, + 25% Repair And Craft Speed”

“Airport Jungle Juice Restores 50% Health, 5 Random Stat Buffs, 1 Random Status Effect, Poison Effect In Covid-19 Event”

“The Existence Eraser”

“The Holy Mask +30 Protection -20 Breathing +100holinesss”

“Rubik’s Sandwich +20hp And +50 Confusion If Not Solved”

“Item Shop – Sells Only Items From /R/Itemshop”

“Book Of Cow +100 Intelligence”

“Iron Food: +50 Pain -999 Regret”

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

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