30 Amazing Home-Decorating Ideas

“Just Completed – A Micro Office I Created From A Really Junky Hall Closet”

“I’ve Been Wanting To Replace These Boring White Builder Grade Tiles For Years. Finally Decided To Just Stencils Them.”

“Small, But Tall Laundry Room. Before And After”

“Couldn’t Find A Wallpaper I Liked So I’m Hand Painting The Whole Thing. Almost Done. What Do You Think?”

“My Attempt To Hide The Old Air-Conditioning Unit”

“Bathroom DIY Upgrade. Before And After”

“I Designed And 3D Printed These Vases”

“Bathroom After And Before”

“Quite Proud Of This Before And After For My Hallway”

“Dream Balcony/Reading Nook”

“We Build Our Own Coffee Bar”

“A Little Before And After!”

“Our House Glow-Up!”

“Small Bathroom Remodel. Before & After”

“My Living Room! Im So Proud”

“Living Room Before & After”

“Thrift Store, Antique Mall, And Flea Market Finds On My Gallery Wall. Cost Effective, “Green,” And Unique.”

“First Time Living On My Own And I’m Pretty Happy With The Living Space I Created!”

“My Newly Installed Alcove Shelving (Feat. My Cat)”

“My Studio Details. Columbus, Oh.”

“My Very First Non-Studio Apartment! Mix Of Vintage, Used, And New Furniture. Still Need Some More Art And Plants”

“Never Had A Dining Room Until Our New House, Last Night Was Our First Dinner At A Table Of Our Own In Four Years.”

“After So Much Buyers Remorse I Am Finally Feeling Cozy And Celebrating One Year In My First Home.”

“Here Is Our Homemade Bookshelf On That Dark/Boreal Forest Green I Think It’s Officially My Favourite Place In The House!”

“Made Some Changes After Feedback From This Sub! Very Happy With It!”

“I’m Proud Of What I’ve Done With My Previously Boring And Grey Lounge!!!”

Credits:  www.reddit.com

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