30+ Amazon Products With Amazing Reviewer Receipts

1. A bottle of anti-fog drops for your glasses that’ll have you singing, “I can see clearly now the fog is gone!” every time you wear a face mask. Simply add a few drops to your lenses, wipe clean, then go about your day without ever having to wipe them down.

2. A pair of teeth-whitening pens, which are SO much easier to use than traditional white strips. Just swipe it on and let the gel sit for 30 minutes — and eventually you’ll see years and years stains start to disappear. This is a must for all my fellow coffee connoisseurs.

3. A jewelry-cleaning stick to quickly add some bling back to your rings. You can use it on basically any of your accessories that need a good sprucing-up — and it’s impressed over 26,000 reviewers.

4. A two-pack of reusable sweeping pads because it’s time to say goodbye to the wasteful disposable ones you’ve been spending way too much money on. These even have helpful Velcro straps so the pad won’t go flying off when you’re in the middle of a good cleaning session.

5. A heat-activated anti-frizz treatment that will become a must-have if humidity is your hair’s archnemesis. Just apply it before you blow-dry and the glossy results will last for up to three shampoos!

6. A tube of eye cream and concealer all wrapped into one — because who has time to apply both?! It’s packed with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and de-puff and it has the perfect amount of tint to cover those pesky dark circles.

7. A unique hair and lint remover that’ll pick up excess fur in a few swipes — and it even comes with a self-cleaning case that removes all the hair for you!

8. Or an oh-so-simple but oh-so-genius scraper tool so you can dig up mountains and mountains of fur from all of your area rugs. This is also basically a must-have to keep in your glove compartment.

9. An exfoliating glove with immediate results you can actually see — seriously, the dead skin just clumps up and rolls right off of your body. It’s somehow satisfying and gross at the same time.

10. An ultra-thin electrical outlet cover with an attached power strip so that tangled, bulky mess of charging cords becomes a thing of the past. We love to (not) see it.

11. A carbonated clay mask that bubbles up into a thick layer of foam to help clear your pores and get rid of those pesky blackheads. It’ll also basically turn you into one of the trolls from Frozen, so get ready to take all the selfies.

12. An air-dry leave-in cream so you can get perfectly tousled waves without the use of any styling tools — so it’s essentially a bottle of pure magic.

13. A volcanic stone face roller that went mega-viral on TikTok — and it’s not hard to see why. It mops up excess oil in just a few simple swipes so you can quickly get rid of that shiny forehead without the use of wasteful blotting papers.

14. A deeply conditioning hair mask with castor oil and biotin to promote hair growth and papaya to reduce shedding. You can leave it on for up to an hour for maximum results, so go ahead and throw on a sheet mask while you’re at it.

15. A liquid lipstick that lasts for a whopping 24 hours without caking or flaking, so you can say goodbye to constantly touching up your lip color every time you take a much deserved coffee break. Oh, and did I mention the over 13,000 rave ratings?!

16. A cruelty-free lengthening mascara with a whopping 158,000 5-star Amazon ratings and some seriously impressive before-and-after photos. Oh, did I mention it’s UNDER $5?!

17. A handheld garment steamer to get those pesky wrinkles out of clothes without ever having to worry about pulling out the ironing board. It heats up in just 30 seconds and one tank will get you 15 minutes of continuous use!

18. A repairing hair treatment that takes just eight seconds to repair damage and restore shine. Apply it after shampoo but before conditioner and let the amino acids and “lamellar water technology” work its magic to smooth your hair without weighing it down.

19. A powerful blackhead vacuum you can use to suck all of the gunk out of your pores. You’ll be horrified yet intrigued by all the nastiness that was living in your face.

20. A leave-in conditioning spray that will detangle unruly hair with a blend of argan oil, shea butter, and quinoa extract. It also smells like a delicious orange Creamsicle, so you’ll be looking and smelling like a snack at the same time.

21. A Shark steam mop so you can stop fumbling around with a bulky old-school mop and bucket. This sleek device uses the power of steam to lift away grime — and the results are equal parts disgusting and satisfying.

22. An outrageously popular Differin gel that has compelled over 28,000 Amazon reviewers to leave a review as glowing as their skin. It’s a prescription-strength retinoid that gets deep down in your pores to promote skin turnover, so you’ll basically have a brand-new face after a few uses.

23. A leather cleaner to polish up and add some shine to any furniture, shoes, or accessories that have seen better days. Your family will think you bought a whole new couch when they come to visit.

24. A pack of AirPod cleaners — because you’d be shocked and appalled by the amount earwax that gets trapped in those things.

25. A daily treatment – it’s basically the perfect combination of a moisturizer and a styling cream. It’s formulated with shea butter to add the perfect amount of hydration for natural hair, while the creamy texture makes it ideal for maintaining shiny two-strand twists and twist outs.

26. A pair of handheld scrapers to make your cast iron pans look as good as the day you bought them.

27. A dishwasher-friendly cage for all your baseball caps that are starting to look a bit too dingy to pass off as “vintage.” Just pop it on the top shelf and let the dishwasher work its magic.

28. An easy-to-use circular sandwich cutter so you can make your own crustless PB&J without overpaying for those frozen versions.

29. A styling mousse made with rose water and acai berries to help define your curls and stop them from becoming a frizzy mess by the time the afternoon rolls around.

30. A jar of super moisturizing cream that will basically give you brand new hands. Its blend of beeswax and glycerin will get your skin back to normal if increased hand-washing has wreaked havoc on your hands.

31. A three-pronged duster to reach in between your blinds, because they are probably way dirtier than you think 😬.

32. A bottle of CND Essentials nail and cuticle oil that will have your hands looking as shiny and flawless as they do when you leave the salon, except without the outrageous salon prices. It’s become a must-have for over 14,000 Amazon reviewers.

33. A pack of multipurpose dermaplaning razors you can use to shape your eyebrows and remove fine hairs. You can also use it to remove any stubborn peach fuzz so your foundation will glide on more seamlessly than ever.

34. A peel-off mask that’s basically the textbook definition of gross but soooooo satisfying. Just apply a layer to your problem areas (or your whole face!) then peel it off after 20-30 minutes.

35. A mini bottle of touch-up paint to mask any scratches or scuffs on your walls and furniture… and to make sure you get that security deposit back.

36. A powerful spray with 23,000 perfect ratings that will break down stubborn mold and mildew stains almost instantly. Just leave it on for about 15 seconds, then lightly wipe away to reveal what your shower is actually supposed to look like.

37. An enzyme-based laundry stain remover so you won’t have to panic the next time you accidentally spill some tomato sauce on your favorite top.

38. And a glass cleaner to remove any stubborn hard-water spots and have your shower doors looking so clean you might accidentally walk into them.

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