30+ Attractive Flowers And Abundant Outdoor Spaces

Experience the beauty of nature with these photos. Enjoy a lush garden filled with colorful blooms and ample room to roam in your own backyard.

“Just Wanted To Share What A Woman Living In My District Does With The Public Space Near Apartments”

“Our Back Garden Project. The Photos Are Taken Exactly One Year Apart”

“My Quarantine Project, Before And After!”

“Before (Top) And After. Y’all Convinced Me To Get Rid Of Half My Lawn To Make It More Biodiverse. Now We Have A Bee Habitat And A Registered Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Where Lawn Was”

“2 Years Ago I Posted About My Idea. Today I Show You My Vision!”

“DIY Drought Tolerant, Front Yard Landscape In Southern Ca. No More Grass”

“First Attempt At Hobby Landscaping. 12 Months Of Weekend Work”

“$15 Worth Of Clearance Asiatic Lillies, 3 Years Later”

“Before & After. All I Wanted Was A New Patio But Ultimately Left It Up To My Wife. She Did Good”

“1k Back Yard. Mostly Found And Reclaimed Material. All Native Plants. No Grass. I Rent And Convinced Land Lord Give Me 1k To Do What I Wanted With”

“Customer Wanted An “Artistic” Wall. This Is What We Came Up With. All The Neighbors Are Loving It. What Do You Guys Think?”

“Built A Fire Pit To Surprise My Girlfriend For Her Birthday.”

“At The End Of The Day Today, The Client Told Me Her Face Hurts From Smiling So Much, She Says It’s Like Living At A Resort.”

“Laid Crushed Sandstone Around My Garden, Pond And Backyard Office. I Love The Look, It’s So Much Neater Than Having Grass Growing Everywhere. I Don’t Have A Question, My Backyard Makes Me Happy And I Thought I’d Share”

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