30 Awesome Photos Just For You

“The mirror in my hotel room doesn’t fog up in the center.”

“My local walmart has a stand with all the ingredients for guacamole”

“My new toilet seat glows in the dark”

“This grave stone is carved like a tree stump”

“This church has been converted into a bar.”

“This train station in Romania has a book vending machine.”

“This photo of my dogs ear looks like Michael Jackson”

“This entire refrigerated section is dedicated for just lemon Gatorade.”

“My dog has a claw that is half black and half white.”

“I left my clog out in the rain and it sprouted.”

“New barbecue joint opened with a rib cutting ceremony.”

“This park utility box painted like a nether portal”

“This random dinosaur statue in a Midwest apartment complex”

“There’s a cool old car in front of my grandparents house.”

“I ordered a carbon steel Japanese Chef’s Knife and it came with 2 band aids.”

“This tiny McDonald’s that only sells ice cream.”

“This couch turns into a bunk bed..”

“My GameStop still has the Mario Galaxy (2007) promo in their windows.”

“The fork on my train has a wider part on the left for cutting into cake.”

“My schools 2001 yearbook has a top 10 band/ artist list”

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