30 Awesome Products From Amazon That’ll Make A Huge Difference In Your Kitchen

A kitchen cart with a stainless-steel top that’s easy to clean no matter what you’re cooking. The cart includes two hidden adjustable shelves, three storage drawers, a towel bar, and a spice rack. It’s also on wheels so it can be moved around.

A stainless-steel HexClad frying pan that’s so durable and easy to clean you won’t mind the hefty price tag. This 12-inch nonstick pan is PFOA-free and scratch-resistant, and can even go in the dishwasher if you don’t feel like cleaning it by hand. I’ve used this myself at least once a week for the last two years and it still looks brand-new.

A sponge holder that’s also a soap dispenser so you can clean your dishes with minimal effort. Just push the sponge down to get it soaped up with one hand and wash away!

An OXO chopper that’s great for chopping nuts, garlic, ginger and more. This gadget has a nonslip knob that makes chopping safe and efficient, and lets you scoop out your chopped ingredients smoothly so meal prep is a breeze. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

A semi-round trash can – it’ll take up less space because you can lean it right up against a wall. This hands-free step trash can features a steel pedal and silent-close lid, and is also fingerprint-proof.

A 7-quart Crock-Pot because sometimes you need to cook a tasty meal for a big group. This helpful appliance can cook food for about nine people and boasts low and high cooking settings as well as a warming setting to keep your meal from getting cold.

A clip-on colander that adheres directly to your pot of pasta for pain-in-the-butt-free drainage. This gizmo can also fasten to pans and bowls, and is much smaller than a traditional colander.

A ceramic egg separator to split the yolk from the white because sometimes you only want one part of the egg. This crafty little thing gets extra points from reviewers because, in addition to being efficient, it’s shaped like an adorable chicken.

A two-slice toaster that’ll make the perfect toast every time. This gadget has an LED touchscreen display that offers seven different toast options spanning varying degrees of doneness, and you can even specify whether your bread is fresh, frozen or if you just want it to be reheated. This toaster also works for waffles, bagels, Pop Tarts, English muffins and more.

A dish drying rack you can place on top of your sink if you’re looking to save some space. This rack is nonslip, durable, and glassware friendly, meaning it’s suitable for just about all of your dishes. It’s also heat-resistant, which means it can double as a trivet.

An air fryer with an LED touchscreen that’s ridiculously easy to use. Reviewers love that this puppy has 13 cooking functions, including preset ones for French fries and fried chicken, and that it boasts 5.8-quart dishwasher-safe baskets that can fit plenty of food.

A set of four industrial-style bar stools with backs for added comfort. However, if you like a cleaner look, the backs can be removed and the stools can be stacked for easy storage. Each chair has a wood seat and a metal frame, which goes with most decor styles.

A Tupperware organizer to keep your kitchen cabinets neat and spacious. This organizer can hold containers and their lids, and features six adjustable compartments so you can also store dishes or cutting boards.

A meal prep station that comes with a cutting board, 15 food containers and a removable trash bin. It also has eight crucial kitchen tools, including a slicer, zester, and juicer, to make cooking even easier.

A cutting board with a tablet holder so you can follow along with a recipe as you cook. It comes with elevated non-slip feet on all four corners and three dishwasher-safe prep bowls that fit inside a designated hole right on the surface of the board.

An OXO spoon rest that also includes a pot lid holder so you can keep your kitchen counters as clean as possible. This dishwasher-safe piece is suitable for oversized utensils and lids, and even has heat-resistant silicone feet that prevent it from heating up on the stovetop.

A watermelon slicer because summer is here and it might help to have a tool that can easily cut up what is undeniably the best fruit (deal with it). With this stainless steel slicer, you can cut bite-size watermelon cubes in seconds by pushing it through the flesh of an at least half-sliced watermelon.

A size-adjustable jar opener that sticks underneath your kitchen cabinet and stays out of sight but just close enough so you can open jars with a flick of the wrist. Your friends will basically think you turned into the hulk.

An in-drawer knife rack because not everyone has enough counter space for a massive knife block. This bamboo rack has space for 15 knives and can fit in most standard drawers. If you’ve children around the house, this is also a safer way to store your knives.

A Ninja blender that’ll whip up restaurant-quality smoothies in seconds. This professional-grade appliance has four preset modes as well as a 72-ounce pitcher that’s great for making large batches of dip or frozen cocktails.

A nonstick grill pan so you can make hamburgers without firing up an actual grill. This dishwasher-safe pan has ridges that create sear marks, and is designed so heat is evenly distributed. It’s also suitable for all stove tops, except induction ones, and can go in the oven.

A durable ice cream ball that’ll manually make a pint of ice cream in about 30 minutes. Just toss some ice, rock salt, and ice cream mix inside and roll the ball around for a bit to get your frozen treat!

A fridge turntable because you’re probably tired of fishing in your fridge for that dressing or sauce you want. This thing rotates 360 degrees and will hold a bunch of your condiments at once while keeping them organized, and comes with a silicone mat so nothing slips.

An electric hand mixer with six speeds so you can blend ingredients with ease. This appliance comes with two traditional beaters and a whisk, and features a built-in groove so you can rest it on the side of a bowl without making a mess. Reviewers love that this also has a snap-on storage case to keep everything together.

An egg cooker that can cook up to six eggs in minutes. This must-have piece of machinery can make hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs and individual omelets with the touch of a button.

A spice rack with three tiers so you can see all of your spices and keep them in one place without taking up too much space in your pantry. Reviewers love that this bamboo piece is expandable so you can widen it when you need more storage space.

An egg cracker with a little edge that smoothly breaks an egg without damaging the yolk or making a mess. Reviewers love that this dishwasher-safe tool is great for kids to use and doubles as a spoon rest when you’re cooking.

A set of 24 air-tight food storage containers, because keeping your food and dry ingredients fresh is super important. This durable BPA-free set also comes with measuring spoons, a chalkboard marker and reusable chalkboard labels so you can stay organized.

A touch-free simplehuman soap dispenser that’ll help you stay as clean as possible. This rechargeable dispenser can also be used to hold hand sanitizer and is equipped with a no-drip valve and clog-proof pump.

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