30 Breathtaking Photos To Celebrate Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary

“Moon lighting up the night sky…”

“I still have trouble comprehending that this impossibly thin blue curve keeps everything alive beneath it.”

“Large lightning strike on Earth lights up or solar panels.”

“Unreal #EarthArt… – not clouds. These spirals are Pacific Ocean currents in sun glint.”

“A pop-up book for space travelers. Clouds reaching so high I couldn’t believe it.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS… #aurora…”

“Grand Canyon #EarthArt… – never been to see it from ground level.”

“The rings of #Moscow… at night – been trying to get this shot for a long time. #success…

“#SuperTyphoon… #Vongfang… – I’ve seen many from here, but none like this.”

“Striking beauty of the Bahamas!”

“Good evening London from @Space_Station…!”

“The view at night recently has been simply magnificent: few clouds, intense #aurora…. I can’t look away from the windows”

“We see 16 sunrises every day – but I’ve never seen one as beautiful as this. Good morning Earth!”

“City lights, stars, lightning storms, even satellite flares–A composite of individual photos stacked on top of each other to show all the amazing things we see at night out our window.”

“The dawn of a new era in human spaceflight”

“Yes buddy, that’s your Mother Earth. Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Moonrise over the atmosphere.”

“Viewed from space, Earth has a surreal vibrancy of color & texture that photographs don’t capture. It’s hard to articulate what you’re seeing & even more difficult to articulate how it makes you feel. Our home is a pretty special place.”

“Honoring Peter Mayhew (also known as Chewbacca) up here on @Space_Station…. Thank you Peter for inspiring generations of explorers.”

“This is what a sunset on Earth looks like from above.”

“Years ago at the South Pole, I looked up to the aurora for inspiration through the 6-month winter night. Now I know they’re just as awe inspiring from above. #nofilter…”

“Celebrating #StPatricksDay… watching the aurora from @Space_Station… this year!”

“Venus rise at sunrise, from the @Space_Station….”

“Ignoring our changing climate is just sticking fingers in our ears & yelling “La La La” while the problem grows. We have one, shared world.”

“One of my favorite things to do in my free time is watch the Aurora—it’s almost alive, as it slathers up the sky in awesome sauce😀

“What do you do when your 7 and 11 year-old children ask you if you have pets in space? ….you make them of course!”

“Shadows from the clouds at sunset. It’s beautiful, isn’t it 😉?”

“Moonlight has a dramatic effect on pictures of the Earth at night. I always loved that cool silver light.”

“This holiday season, I find myself looking down at ‘home’ a lot. We really are all on this amazing, beautiful planet together – it truly is a small world. And when I watched the moon set over the horizon today, I once again found myself without words.”

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