30+ Clever Solutions To Everyday Problems

“Our dryer doesn’t stay closed. This was my solution.”

“My family is allergic to cats, so when I came across these in the thrift store, I knew I found a workaround.”

“When you work from home but you need a long bathroom break”

“Finally found a use for my old TV!”

“A local library figured out how to attract more members.”

“In order to open the oven, we mounted the drawer handles in this way. It’s perfect!”

“Boot glue didn’t hold, so I’m making it through the day this way.”

“I like to consider myself a handyman. Gotta do what you gotta do to pass university dorm inspections.”

“Kids won’t go outside, so I took the Wi-Fi for a walk.”

“Our elegant solution for keeping the dog in without a screen door”

“My school had a thing happen where some kid peed all other the bathroom, so they put these in every toilet.”

“Netflix + gaming on-the-go”

“Put the ends of your green onions in a glass of water, and they will re-grow! You will never run out of them again.”

“Wifey wanted a family pic for the holidays, so we used these clips as a phone stand.”

“My chain cleaning device — I call it the TB-2.”

“If the water bottles don’t fit in the basket, then you can do this.”

“When I have something in the fridge I cannot forget to bring with me, I put my car keys on the handle.”

“Didn’t have electrical tape, so I used a straw and hair ties.”

“Aluminum foil used as wrapping paper — (sometimes) it’s cheaper and looks cooler.”

“It seems that old couch springs make for pretty good plant climbers.”

“Use a magnet to stick your keys to your door.”

“Pizza cutters are an underutilized kitchen utensil.”

“My mom is always keeping containers to use in the future, so she uses the Hubba Bubba gum container for her tape measure. It’s a perfect fit.”

“Write the date on your blister packs so you know if you’ve taken your meds for that day or not.”

“This man at the beach has a tiny deck chair to rest his head.”

“Life hack: Truss a raft like a roast and hang it in your garage to prevent door dings.”

Source: brightside.me

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