30+ Cool Mugs That Are Not Boring At All

The thread started like this:

And here are some of the best pictures that users shared with the designer:

With the hope that you won’t forget where you live…

It’s simple but beautiful at the same time.

One for every time of the day

In case you felt like having a cup of coffee with Chandler and Joey (and Mery)

It looks like a puppy!

It’s not about how it looks but about what it means.

Looks like Rick is doing pretty good, even without Morty there.

Ready for all kinds of moods!

We don’t have sugar at home, just honey. A lot of honey…

The side you show to other people depends on your mood that morning.

Don’t you suddenly feel like taking her for a walk?

When you wake up and you’re in a mood:

“I hate you all.”

After drinking a nice cup of tea, you can take your mug to bed and hug it because it’s so cute (and super practical)!

May the Force be with you this morning.

Strength and sensibility in one picture

“There’s no such thing as the perfect mug for work.”

“My childhood in 4 pictures”

“Ohana means family.”

The hair is the best part. Wonder if it’s safe…

You can feel like a real paparazzo when drinking from it.

Coming from a whole different galaxy!

You can see her eyes are saying, “Please drink me!”

Could be a mug, could be a pet. You decide.


The good thing about this not being a piggy bank is that you don’t have to break it!

The best way to remember her!

“Saved this for such a long time and it was definitely worth it!”

Yes, general! Will keep this beverage warm at all times!

You might want to give one of these to your crush…

“Somehow, the fact that the llama has its eyes closes gives me this peaceful feeling.”

So that you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee with a view of the garden

Imagine you’re at someone’s place drinking hot chocolate and this appears…

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