30+ Cool Things You Wish You Owned

“Goldfish-Shaped Tea Bag”

“A rotating room”

“Kitchen Island Aquarium”

“Pennywise Balloon Lamp”

“My hotel shower has a temperature gauge on it”

“Moon Puzzle”

“iPhone Arkanoid phone case. Preloaded with 35 games and has a separate battery and charger.”

“Remote Controlled Steampunk R2D2”

“You can buy the chocolate-filled tips of ice cream cones”

“Nixie clock i got for Christmas.”

“Personal Movie Theater for Watching on Your Mobile Device”

“Perfect for when you’re bored!”

“This foldable Kayak that weighs only 20lbs”

“Origin’s all in one gaming PC which includes Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and an actual gaming PC”

“This cool new toothbrush holder I got, thought it might belonged here!”

Source: www.reddit.com

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