30+ Crazy And Weird Wedding Photos

“My Uncle’s Wedding In Las Vegas, Streamed Live On The Internet”

“Best. Wedding. Photo. Ever”

“At Our Wedding An Usher Had A Rude Girlfriend Who Wanted To Be In The Middle Of Pictures (Dressed In White!) I Got Upset But My Photographer Said “I’ll Fix It Later Don’t Worry!””

“I Was Told This Wedding Invitation Should Be Under Trashy”

“My Best Friend Finally Mailed Me An Invitation To His Wedding”

“That Woman On The Left Is Not The Bride…”

“Wasn’t Expecting To See A Wedding When I Stopped At Wal*mart This Weekend…”

“Has Anyone Seen The Bride? I Can’t Find Her”

“So I Saw This Girl Summoning Satan At My Friend’s Wedding”

“The Tackiest Wedding Rules”

“Well How Do You Feel Now That You Know She Was not The Bride”

“When The Toppers On Your Toilet Paper Cake Have Masks, But None Of Your Guests Do”

“Gas Station Wedding”

“The Groom Took His Laptop To His Wedding To Play A Game On His Computer”

“These Bizarre Wedding Vowels …”

“The grooms vowels from the wedding of a family friend. We are genuinely concerned for her safety”

“The Cake Is A ‘Recreation’ Of The Bride Do I Need To Say More?”

“My Cousins Wedding Cake…”

“Dude Got So Drunk At His Wedding That His New Mother-In-Law Had To Feed Him”

“I’m All For People Who Go For Low-Budget Weddings, But Then There’s This….”

“Thought This Was The Bride And Groom At First – Nope. Father And Stepmother Of The Bride, Wearing A White-Ish, Beaded Gown With A Train”

“Did Bud Light Sponsor The Wedding?”

“Inviting 20 Extra People To A Wedding”

“Someone Hosted Their Wedding Today In The Welfare Office Parking Lot”

“When You Really Shouldn’t Drop The Rings”

“We Sent You This Card So Send Us Money”

“He Wore This Hat To My Friend’s Wedding”

“This Was At A Wedding”

“Name Send-Off By Tagging A Live Fish. Wait What?!”

“May The Lord Make Me Less Uncomfortable With This”

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