30+ Crazy ‘Home Improvement’ Disasters

“Guess who ran out of paint…”

“A driveway crew was pouring concrete at a new house next to a duck pond. They went to lunch and came back to this…”

“I picked the ladder up forgetting the paint was on top”

“I’m doing renovations and my roomba found a tiny piece of sheetrock.”

“Knocked a 1/2 gallon of paint down my stairs.”

“Last night’s DIY fail. Realised I left the paint pot open on the wrong side of the kitchen floor I had just painted…”

“My wife said measure the door, I told her all doors are the same size…”

“I’m a genius. Was amazed how quickly I repaired my entry door from the garage.”

“My dad’s fail at installing a door stop, he’s now permanently left it this way…”

“Brother-in-law repairing his awning”

“And at least your poor stove didn’t just find out how heavy microwaves are”

Credits: www.buzzfeed.com

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