30+ Curious And Uncommon Experiences

“I Work At A Gas Station. The Sodas We Put In The Fridge For Individual Sale Come In Black And White Boxes”

“A KFC That’s Been Painted Green”

“This Target We Saw In Tennessee”

“Shiny Broccoli, Wonder What The Blue Ones Taste Like?”

“Heinz Ketchup And Mayo Ice Cream”

“This Red Only Rainbow I Saw At Midnight In Finland”

“Subaru-Branded Honey From My Local Dealership. Harvested From Their Rooftop”

“Deep Blue Slime Mold: Not Our Typical Shiny, But Very Cool Nonetheless”

“A White Redwood Baby”

“Blue Java Banana”

“Starbucks In Al Seef, Dubai, UAE”

“A Wendy’s Built With Shipping Containers”

“Pink Icicles Underneath A Grate At A Carwash I Work At”

“This Public Restroom At A Hotel Has Black Toilet Paper”

“A Camouflaged Dr Pepper Truck Used On US Military Bases To Restock Base Vending Machines”

“Welcome To McDonald’s, Would You Like To Make A Deposit Or A Withdrawal?”

“Blue Telephone Box In London”

“Green Burger King In Puerto Rico”

“Those Green And Blue Burgers Really Taste As Gross As They Look”

“Pink Ambulance – Oklahoma”

“This IKEA In Espoo, Finland Is The Only White IKEA In The World”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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