30+ Curious Finds And Concidiences

“This fried egg that looks like a chicken.”

“I couldn’t find my phone for ages.”

“We have the same faux tile wallpaper as the guy in the movie.”

“This ‘Mini’ evolution I saw in London.”

“The wall of this building matches almost perfectly with the sky.”

“My friend’s lighter matches my shirt perfectly.”

“I found a door while hiking.”

“I found this on a mountain.”

“I got a whole potato in a bag of waffle fries.”

“I heard something dripping in the kitchen and found my watermelon had deflated.”

“Weird treebike I found on my ride.”

“I work at a car dealership. A lady came driving in a vehicle with a spider chilling in the passenger’s seat.”

“Congratulations to my friends’ 7.5 lb burrito.”

“I broke 2 glasses at work today, but they both broke exactly mirrored of each other.”

“My dogs eyelashes are insanely long.”

“I ran into a guy wearing the exact same shirt!”

“This train has a playground on board.”

“I saw this on my way home in a neighboring building.”

“These 3 random men in my photo look like the same person.”

“This traffic light has Vikings as signal lights.”

“The tube on my expanding foam can cracked, resulting in this mess. The glove is irremovable.”

“My sock tan looks like I have socks on.”

“I have Marfan’s syndrome and I’m double jointed.”


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