30 Customer Tips That Are Just Wrong

“Leaving This For Your Waitress, Who Has No Say In The Mask Mandate”

“The Absolute Worst Way To Leave A S@#tty Tip For Anyone”

“Thought It Belonged Here Too”

“Left On My Co-Workers Table”

“Treating A Server Like This Is Trashy”

“The “Tip” My Friend Got”

“This Very Reasonable And Not At All Insane Person”

“Let Me Just Not Get Paid”

“What A Disgusting Way To Not Tip”

“Really Helpful, Kind Advice”

“Have A Blessed Day!”

“From My Friends’ Server Group. This Was Given By A 6 Top Instead Of A Tip”

“Wouldn’t Let Him Underage Drink So He Didn’t Tip”

“Our Town Has A Fb Page Called Nosey Asses Of…….. This Was Posted Today Smh”

“Your Tip Is That Because Of Me, You Still Have Your Freedom”

“Tipping Fake Money”

“No Tip On A $140 Bill… Does The Reasoning She Gives Justify This?”

“Thanks For Your Service, I Guess”

“What My Coworker Was Given Tonight”

“Kyle Massey Not Tipping His Server And Laughing About It. Then His Girlfriend Posts It On Her Story To Show It Off”

“I Was Tipped At Wisconsin State Fair, I Don’t Get Paid Enough To Deal With This”

“Who Does That?”

“A Facebook Friend Proudly Posts Lack Of Tipping And Creating A Mess For The Server”

“Table Of 7 That Came In 30 Minutes Before Close They Were The Last Table In The Restaurant And Got Everything They Asked For From Me This Is How They Repaid That Service”

“The Guy Who Left This Receipt”

“Using Having Kids As An Excuse Not To Tip Servers Who May Also Have Kids To Feed”

“Stiffing Your Server To Get A Laugh”

“Learn English? How About Learn How To Write”

“This Tip I Got Last Night”

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