30 Design Flops That Will Leave You Speechless

From confusing layouts to disastrous color choices, these designs are so bad, they’re almost good. Take a step back and marvel at the creativity (or lack thereof) that went into these design fails. Prepare to be left speechless.

“One of the drawers at my doctor’s office that always annoys me”

“The curtains in my hotel room look like they’re stained.”

“These toilet cleaning things make your toilet even messier looking.”

“6-foot-tall plunger”

“This car that someone actually drives”

“This chair on my university campus”

“This looks up to code (found in the local mall)!”

“Shizuoka City has some ’interesting’ sculptures.”

“My petite box”

“Moved houses and discovered I can’t fully open my kitchen drawers because they hit the radiator.”

“It’s difficult to know if the filter or tap is selected unless I turn on the water.”

“The mirror is in its natural position, angled all the way over and I still can’t see anything without leaning way forward.”

“This bag is guaranteed to shed glitter on everything in your suitcase for life.”

“The lid holder slit is a cool idea, but it’s getting hot and is very close to the handle.”

“Bathroom at a pizza place. 2 toilets divided by a wall — that doesn’t reach the doors.”

Source: brightside.me

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