30 Designs That Make No Sense

“This water-like epoxy floor”

“This mosaic Minion to keep people off the curb”

“A boot mirror at a hostel in New Orleans”

“This sign in the office building where I’m attending training…”

“Had to break my neck to find the right apartment.”

“The 1928 NFL Champion Providence Steam Rollers logo”

“It’s not even angled or anything to guide the drainage. It just dribbles onto the floor.”

“Bad lettering colour choice….”

“Each of the blue dots on this fire escape map says “you are here”

“A tool sold specifically to be used on polymer clay has a coating on the handle that dissolves when exposed to polymer clay”

“At least it’s padded?”

“This is my only plug cord ..”

“Every one of them is playing on the wrong side of the capo.”

“Brand New Building’s Parking Driveway Blocked by Electrical Equipment”

“Locked, and very very very slightly unlocked.”

“This outfit made of can tabs”

“Found this in a thrift store. It’s a cotton shirt but the design on it is photographs of jeans, $500.”

Source: brightside.me

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