30+ Examples of Shocking Thrift Store Prices

The sharp increase in prices at thrift stores has not gone unnoticed, with many people taking to social media to share pictures of exorbitantly priced items.

We have scoured the internet to compile a list of some of the most astonishing examples of thrift store pricing gone awry. As you peruse the list, try to remain composed despite the shocking prices.

“When You Work At Goodwill, But Comedy Is Your Passion”

“Talize (A Canadian Brand Thrift Store) Has Lost Their Mind. These Are Surely Fake And They’re Charging This Type Of Price”

“Gooseberry Cinderella Bowls. I Know They’re Worth A Lot, But You Could Find Them For Less I Think

“Is It Special Because The Lid Is Green? I Don’t Get It”

“Donated To The Thrift Shop, $300. Am I Missing Something Here? I Know Inflation Is Through The Roof But Come On”

“Originally Tagged At $3.99 Selling For $19.99 At Value Village”

“I Hate My Local Savers Sometimes. Who’s Going To Pay $13 For A Used Shein Hoodie That’s Practically Falling Apart By The Time They Get It?”

“At A Value Village In Canada, And Clearly Fakes Too”

“Guess My Local Goodwill Jumped On The Price-Gouging Bandwagon. For $250 It Can Stay There And Collect Dust”

“And I Thought City Prices Were Bad. Hometown Thrift Store Must Be Smoking Something”

“This Store Charges 50.00€ For This Pair Of Shoes, Even Though It Still Has A $5.00 Goodwill Sticker On It”

“Literally A Rock”

“A Bag Of Trash For Only $3.49”

“These Used Flip Flops At Goodwill vs. The Same Pair Of Brand-New”

“1998 Technology At 1998 Prices”

“You Can Buy These Empty Yogurt Jars For $1.99 At Goodwill, Or You Can Go To The Grocery Store And Get Them New And Filled With Yogurt For The Same Price”

“$44 For A Horrible Quality, Fake, Peeling “Hermes Birkin””

“Value Village Is Drunk. These Are Cheaper At Antique Stores”

“Empty Maple Syrup Bottle At Value Village”

“Thrift Store Doesn’t Even Try To Hide Their Price Gouging”

“Maybe This Is A Good Price, But Nobody Is Going To A Thrift Store To Spend $350 On A China Set. Waterfronts Pricing Has Changed So Dramatically, Makes Me So Sad”

“Well This Has 2020 Written All Over It”

“I Think That All Pricing People At Thrift Stores Are Legit Idiots. Value Village “Boutique”, Vancouver”

“These Goodwill Prices Are Just Getting Comical”

“Value Village Has Lost Their Damn Minds”

“Arc Thrift Up Charging From The Regular Sale Price”

“Thought Long And Hard About This One”

“Goodwill Needs To Fire The Person That’s Pricing Some Of This Stuff. $35 Each For Tarnished Silver-Plated Trays, $20 For A Scale That Doesn’t Even Work, $17 For A Teapot”

“I Was At A Thrift Store Buying A Jacket Marked At $25. The Cashier Wrote A 3 Over The 2 While I Was Checking Out Thinking I Wouldn’t Notice”

“I Couldn’t Find A Single Shirt Under 3.99 Today”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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