30 Exceptional Products That Have Stood Strong Over Time

Prepare to be inspired by the enduring excellence of these remarkable items that have stood strong and continued to impress generation after generation.

“My 1993 Montgomery Wards Lawn Mower Still Runs And Cuts The Grass As Good As When It Was New!”

“Bifl Home Audio-The Mcintosh Mc275”

“My First Potato Peeler (Sparschäler) I Got This Sparschäler 10 Years Ago Already Used By My Grand Mother. It Is Still A Mass Product And You Can Buy It For Round About 5 USD. But This One Is Made In West Germany So At Least 33 Years Old And Almost Daily In Use”

“I Bought This Breville Sandwich Iron When I Left Home At 18. I’m Now 50 And She’s Ready To Go”

“Staedler Mars That Is 25+ Years Old”

“We Got These For Our DIY Kitchen Renovation For $2000. Barely Used And Working Great! Hopefully The Fridge Is Truly Bifl Because I Never Want To Move That Behemoth Ever Again”

“I Got This Jack Wolfskin Backpack When I Was 6 In 2007. Still Use It Daily After Almost 16 Years”

“Opinel No.6 In My Pocket For 5 Years. $20 And Sharper Than Any Knife I’ve Ever Known”

“My 1959 Frigidaire Custom Imperial”

“Aurora Solar Calculator. Couldn’t Confirm Its Actual Age, But My Mom Said, “It’s Definitely Older Than You.” I’m 39″

“Most Of My Hifi Components Are Getting On For 50 Years Old In The Next Few Years. All Still Working Perfectly”

“From My Great Grandparents House”

“My 25 Year Old Rivendell Atlantis With Home Made Bags. A Perfect Bicycle”

“This Bosch Drill Is From 1987, Gifted To Me From My Dad. Its Been In The Family 1 Year Longer Than Me”

“My Buddy Has Had This Alarm Clock Since The 80s”

“Yet Another Stanley Insulated Jug. But This One Is About 100 Years Old”

“After Replacing Our Fridge Twice In The Past 12 Years With Brand New Models, I Finally Gave Up And Just Put Our Garage Fridge In The Kitchen. It Fits Perfectly, And Has Been Running For Decades, And Could Probably Be Repaired vs. Thrown Away If We Ever Need To Fix It”

“My Grandmother’s Oven, Circa 1966. Many Holiday Meals Were Cooked With Love Here, Right Up Until The Day She Passed. Aside From One Shattered Glass Door That Was Replaced, Everything Still Works!”

“My Grandpa’s 85-Y.o. Frigidaire From 1938 Still Works!”

“Here’s A 1925 General Electric 6″ Desk Fan In Near Mint Condition. It’s Been Cleaned, And Had The Blades Polished. It Still Has Its Original Paint. It Had The Power Cord Replaced With A Modern Reproduction. It Doesn’t Get Used Much As It Might Be A Little Dangerous”

“This Backpack Has Done 10 Years Of School And 8 Years As A Tool Bag Packing Around ~30lbs Of Tools With No Signs Of Stopping”

“Still Using Grandma’s 1940’s Egg Poacher For My Morning Breakfast”

“90s Polly Pockets Are Almost Indestructible, Better Well Made Than The Newer Versions. Now Our Children Get To Play With Them!”

“‘70s Pioneer Sx 780 Receiver. All Capacitors And Resistors Replaced A Couple Years Ago”

“1979 West Bend Popcorn Maker”

“Vagarant Traveler C.e.o. 17″ Backpack Briefcase In Coffee Brown”

“This Ice Cream Scooper We Inherited From My Grandma When We Moved Into Her House”

“This Old Sony Phone Before The Merger With Ericsson, Still Connects To Networks Here In Poland”

“My 1977 Kosmos 1 Pocket-Sized Biorhythm Calculator. 46 Years Of Crunching Numbers”

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