30 Gadgets That Revolutionize Your Home Into A Smart House

An awesome portable mini projector that uses LED lights to deliver 1080p full HD and make your next movie night totally epic.

A USB-powered LED light strip to bring the perfect amount of ambient lighting to your TV-watching experience.

An awesome handheld Bluetooth speaker designed with a 16-watt sound and a deeper bass for a perfect sound that travels with you to any room in your house. It also has 24 hours of playtime before it needs a charge and is totally waterproof.

A splurge-worthy SwitchBot Curtain Smart Electric Motor so you can darken things up with a push of a button. It takes just about 30 seconds to install and doesn’t need any screws, nuts, or bolts. It just snaps right on!

A Wi-Fi-enabled light switch you can control from your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant, totally eliminating the need to get out of bed to turn off the lights when you’re already all cozy.

An indoor wireless Wyze smart camera with HD, real-time live stream capabilities, two-way audio, motion/sound recording (it’ll automatically record a 12-second video clip when motion or sound is detected and saves that video to the cloud for 14-days, for free), mobile push notifications to alert you when something is detected, night vision, Alexa and Google Assistant capabilities, and over 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. TEN. THOUSAND.

A pack of TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs with access to the Kasa app that can act as a remote control — plus, it has voice control so you can access anything plugged in with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

A set of Alexa and Google Home voice-controlled LED Lights that are easily applied under and above your cabinets and that can shine in up to 16 million color options. MILLION.

A totally soothing Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock that simulates the sunrise, so waking up (at any time) feels totally natural — because let’s be real, these days, time is just a concept.

An Amazon Fire TV Stick so you can stream all your favorites from the comfort of your sofa — it’s also great if you’re planning on going anywhere. It’s about the size of a USB drive so it can come right along with you.

An easy-to-install outlet cover plate designed with LED lights so that it can double as a nightlight.

A smart end table designed with a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charging surface, and USB plug — imagine never waking up and realizing you forgot to plug in your phone!

A dimmable Macally Table Lamp designed with four fast charging ports and touch control making it the perfect bedside companion.

A third-generation Echo Dot — a voice-controlled device you can use to play music, make calls, send and receive text messages, provide information, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks, control your TV, and so much more.

Wi-Fi range extender so you can make the most out of your internet when you’re curled up in bed binge-watching The Office for the 80th time.

A self-charging Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac Super-Thin Vacuum Cleaner designed to be super quiet and have an increased suction power, which it turns on when it senses that extra vacuuming strength is needed.

A handy iRobot Braava robot mop because robots don’t only sweep your floors nowadays, they mop them too!

A smartphone-controlled LED bulb you can dim, change colors, and set to a timer so that it wakes you up like the morning sun — even if your wake-up time is before said sun rises.

A six-outlet USB wall charger and surge protector, which also has a smart night-light that has a dusk-to-dawn sensor to automatically turn on when ambient lighting becomes insufficient. The light also has a touch sensor and three levels of adjustable brightness.

A compact coffee mug warmer so you never have to worry about that forgotten cup of coffee on your desk that gets ice cold before you finally have a chance to drink it.

A voice- or phone-controlled Nest thermostat that’ll learn your preferences based on the time of day and season and make sure your home is always the perfect temperature and you guys aren’t playing out the Great War of the Thermostat.

An LED flame speaker to give you that relaxing I-just-lit-a-candle feeling and soft sound you might need before bedtime but don’t want to light your whole house on fire.

A smart power strip that’ll let you control up to six devices using your voice or phone!

A multi-talented bedside radio alarm clock designed with a USB charger, Bluetooth speaker, QI wireless charging, and a dual alarm dimmable LED displa.

A super fancy and state-of-the-art Samsung 65-inch 4K Smart TV for a high def smart TV that looks like a piece of art — literally! It has a quantum processor and 100% color volume with quantum dots that produce over a billion shades of color so you can display actual artwork, and it has customizable frames that stick on with magnets for a totally sleek look.

 very cool Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame that lets you share photos through their app so you can create different albums and get photos from everyone in your household.

A motion-activated toilet light perfect for lighting up your midnight visits to the bathroom.

A smart garage hub and sensor so you never have to worry about whether or not you closed the garage door.

An Adesso Smart Home Circadian LED 3-Arm Arc Lamp designed with a Smart Switch which works with your Alexa devices to turn on, off, and even dim the lights.

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