30+ Good Examples Why Online Selling Can Be A Challenging Experience

Over 30 examples that illustrate the difficulties and obstacles that sellers may encounter when trying to sell their products or services online.

“Cb Who I Gave A “Friend’s Friend” Discount To And Finished Their Commission By The Time They Wanted It Because They Begged Me For It Scams And Blocks Me”

“My Naive Boyfriend Tried Selling His Couch On Fb Marketplace And Got A Bunch Of Cbs So I Offered To Make The Ad For Him”

“I Was Selling A Galaxy S10 For 250. The Night Before We Had Agreed On 180 After He Said He Only Had 160. Now He Tries To Get It For 75”

“Forgot About This Gem From The Other Year From When I Was Trying To Sell My Old Phone!”

“I’m Selling A 100% Silk Wedding Dress For £75. She Offered £30 To Drop It Off. Turns Out She Meant £30 And I Drop It Off In The Next 6 Hours Because She’s Getting Married In 9 Weeks And Can’t Afford The Fuel”

““Influencer” Tries To Make A Deal With Me For $2,800 Computer”

“Friend’s Wedding Venue Is “Beautiful” And A “Good Price” But Because The Beggar’s Not Willing To Pay To Have “Time To Decorate And Live In Our Moment” They’re Going To Leave A Bad Review”

“Dude Wants A 70% Discount Because He Was Bullied In High School And Has Heartburn”

“I Do A Yearly Christmas Light Show On My House. This Lady *only* Wanted My 18ft 8000 Pixel Tree”

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

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