30+ Hilariously Labeled Items From A Minnesota Surplus Store

“Each store has its own unique design, and sometimes it’s so unique it becomes a tourist trap, like this Ax-Man Surplus store in Fridley, Minnesota”

“And author and singer-songwriter Enfys J. Book recently visited and thoroughly documented it in their Twitter thread”

“But it ain’t your regular store, oh no, it’s definitely some sort of a social experiment in design and marketing”

“Not only are some of the goods weird, but the signs and tags for them make it into an experience to be had”

“Most of these feel like they’re self-aware, or that the employees are fighting boredom through creativity. Or both”

“Enfys’ cousin took them there, and pics of the comical randomness soon found their way onto to Twitter where they got a lot of attention”

Source: twitter.com

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