30 Home Storage Solutions You Wish You Knew Earlier

A damage-free Command bottle hook you can hang your various stain removers, all-purpose cleaners, and window sprays from because when you throw them all under the sink, it’s hard to decipher what is what. 

A set of drawer organizers that can take your dresser from the chaos that is a TJ Maxx sale section to the enviable order that is The Container Store.

And a set of shelf dividers so you can maximize that hard-to-reach space in the top of your closet instead of just haphazardly throwing things up there and hoping they stay. 

A ceiling-mounted garage storage rack where you can stow away the bocce set, badminton net, and 10-foot-tall animatronic Santa you’ve had tucked away in your spare bedroom’s closet. 

Some Wonder Hangers which will ~triple~ your closet space so you can snatch every trending piece you come across on TikTok. 

A set of super-strong magnetic strips to elevate beer and soda bottles so you can nix the annoying cardboard holders they come in. Plus, now you can free up an extra few inches underneath where you can slide in your XL bag of string cheese.

An elegant shoe storage ottoman where you can covertly hide all of the shoes that won’t fit in your closet/mudroom/under your bed.

A slim storage cart you can shimmy into the dead space between your washer and dryer. The three-tiered unit has plenty of room for your detergents, dryer sheets, and in-wash booster beads, which — TBH — are totally unnecessary but fun to sprinkle in. 

A 30-spice door rack if there’s simply no getting around the fact that your collection has outgrown its designated cabinet.

A two-tier lazy Susan strong enough to store your reserve of soup cans or salon-worthy collection of polish. Plus, since it’s nonskid, nothing will come flying out at you even if your rental’s shelves are majorly uneven.

A set of under-bed storage bags so you can use the few inches under your frame to store off-season clothes and extra linens instead of just dust. (Making a mental note to vacuum under mine ASAP.)

A personalized stuffed animal zoo for anyone whose playroom or bedroom has turned into a free-roaming plushie sanctuary.

A rotating makeup/skincare organizer ideal for freeing up space on your vanity or bathroom counter. Now you won’t need a photographic memory to recall where you put your moisturizer.

A cutlery organizer that was smartly designed to save a buttload of space. Sick of fishing around a jam-packed drawer on the search for your favorite fork? Give it a cozy, reliable place to call home.

A set of adjustable mug organizers so you can confidently open your cupboard knowing an avalanche of mugs isn’t about to fall on you. 

An expandable, two-tier organizer because every time you put a cleaning product back in the cabinet under your kitchen sink, you have approx. one millisecond to slam the door shut before everything falls out.

A magnetic stove shelf on which you can stack your go-to spices, oils, and kitschy salt and pepper shakers. It’s also a convenient place to dry out a turkey wishbone if your family is into that tradition. 

A set of six fridge organizers so you’ll know *exactly* where your tube of cinnamon rolls is. That way, you don’t wind up in endless cycle of buying more only to find the old tube once it’s already expired.

A wall-mounted toothbrush holder with room for all of your dental hygiene products and two built-in magnetic mouthwash cups. It saves you counter-space but the real win here is not having to use your hands as a makeshift cup thus splashing water everywhereeeee.

A high-rise organizer so you can use every nook and cranny in your medicine cabinet and stop blindly throwing things in your under-sink cabinet. Turns out I have enough travel-size shampoos to Airbnb hop for the rest of the year, so I guess I should follow my own advice…

A grippy toiletry holder with room for your toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor. Sure, they fit on the side of the tub, but this sure beats having to fish them out of the drain every time the shower whisks them away.

An above-the-outlet shelf where you can tuck away electric toothbrushes, razors, soap, and whatever else won’t fit on your vanity-style sink.

A broom/tool organizer because no matter how carefully you lean your Swiffer up against the basement/garage wall, it never fails to fall over and scare the bejeezus out of you.

And a coffee pod dispenser you can mount right to the side of your machine or wherever else is convenient. Jars are cute, but having to reach your hand into the bottom of one isn’t.

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