30+ Interesting Things You Just Don’t See Every Day

“My university library has a dispenser for study utensils”

“I got this Coca-Cola can on the plane that was ribbed at the top”

“There’s one red hair amongst my black hair in my beard.”

“39 year old can of Pac-Man pasta by Chef Boyardee”

“The original phone still installed inside my 1930’s apartment”

“This wood I split for fire has a unique patter on the inside like it’s been shocked”

“The restaurant I went to last night had a shrine to Nicolas Cage in the toilet”

“30 years difference in Duplo sheep.”

“The green bean size difference between the No Salt Added can and regular can.”

“The remains of this hammer stuck in asphalt.”

“I grew a perfectly square salt crystal”

“A cross section of the wire that supplies power to my house..”

“The way this tag frayed looks like my jacket has been inhabited by a large insect.”

“This off brand Pepto bismol is just called “stomach”

“My Walgreens brand Tylenol capsule is just a pill with a removable shell on either side.”

“Attachment for massage gun is made to look (and feel) like a finger”

“The result of my family putting all of our fruit stickers on our fridge for the past several years.”

“Bangkok subway station shows how many calories you will burn by taking the stairs”

“On the US $100 bills there are slits on the blue ribbon to deter counterfeits.”

“The aglet on my coat is secured with a tiny screw.”

“My Tongue Piercing leaves lines in my ice-cream.”

“The prize car at this dying mall is an 18 year old Corvette”

“This Little Caesars has their “upsell” instructions displayed on their front counter.”

“This chorizo package is rather honest about which parts of the cow it’s made from.”

“They made Oreo-flavored Oreos.”

“This pizza shop offers two types of straws, but questions your reasoning”

“My firewood had a pine cone inside the tree”

“The way the snow stuck to my car, making it look cel shaded”

“I was taking a picture of this cloud that looks like a feather when a bird flew into the shot.”

“Found this tiny house built in a tree in the middle of a forest”

“My kitchen knife says “German” on one side, and “China” on the other.”

“Target shipped me one feather per box”

“My closest gas station now has washer fluid stations too.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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