30 Movies That Traumatized Us As Kids

Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom

The part where the guy pulled the other dudes heart out.

The Mask

I was like 3 when we watched it and the part where he’s trying to take the mask off fucked me up.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

I would run screaming from the room during the Large Marge scene. It still gives me the creeps.

Ernest Scared Stupid


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Purely because of the child catcher.


I was 7 or so when I watched it and it explains a lot about myself.

The Shining.

I somehow convinced my parents to let me watch it when I was 8 years old because I had seen the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode about it and thought I could handle it. I was wrong, very wrong.


I was afraid my mother would die too.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Christopher Lloyd with the red eyes scarred the ever living crap ot of me.


Dad let me watch it at 10 years old. The line from Hudson “They’re coming out of the God Damned walls!”


Shown at primary school, so maybe 5 or 6. Terrified for weeks and had to stay at home for a fortnight.

The Exorcist

As a Catholic it is perhaps, to this day, the scariest thing I’ve seen.


Not a movie, Michael Jackson’s Thriller traumatized me.


I wouldn’t go into a room without turning on the lights first for like a year.

Independence Day

When the alien starts moving and then wakes up at the autopsy.

The Cat In The Hat

That film is terrifying to this day.


I was 4 then we went to the ocean and my dad tossed me in and yelled shark.

The Mummy

The scene where some guy gets their skin eaten by beetles. Soooo gross.

Mars Attacks

First of all, they looked scary as hell to my younger self and when they started killing everyone just topped the cake for me.

The Good Son

Seeing Kevin McAllister go from young kid playing hijinks on a couple goofy robbers to some sadistic pre-teen who likes to kill animals with a homemade crossbow.


Damn orange closet monster/tunnel to Hell

Return to Oz.

The whole thing is insane.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I was shown it at 8. I had so many questions I wasnt ready to ask.


For some reason Ja’Far disturbed me to no end.

Jurassic Park

I still check the shower for velociraptors.

The Neverending Story

Those puppets were scary, but I was alright until a close up of Falkor’s face when he was scaring the bullies. Those humanlike teeth on a dog face will always haunt my sleep.

The Grudge

I watched that when I was like 5 and couldn’t take a proper shower for years afterwards.

Secret of the NIMH

Another one with gruesome, graphic death scenes.

Brave Little Toaster

The scene where the cars get crushed was terrifying.



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