30+ Old Photos In Real Life

“Tried My Best To Find The Same Location. Satiam Wagon Road, Oregon. 2022 vs. Date Unknown. Road Was Used 1860-1930s”

“The Oldest Surviving Camera Negative – Lacock Abbey, England, 1835 And 2022”

Eureka, Colorado 1899/2020

“Western Theatre Of Laodicea On The Lycus (Turkey). Before 2003 vs. 2021”

“The Glynne Arms, Also Known As The Crooked House”

“Unlucky House In San Francisco, 1936 And 2022”

“Waiting Area In Michigan Central Railroad Depot, Detroit (1965 And 2014)”

“Swimming Pool Section Of The Grande Hotel Beira, Beira, Mozambique (1958 And 2015)”

Normanton Church, Rutland, UK. 1970s – Present

Elizabeth Tower From Westminster Bridge. C 1869 & 2022

Old Market Street, Bristol (1895 And 2020)

Chicago 1930s vs. Chicago Today

“My Dads Old Ski Cabin Now (50 Years Later) vs. When They Were First Building It”

Main & Delaware St, Kansas City, MO (1906 vs. 2015)

“Crawford Notch In New Hampshire, As Depicted In 1839 vs. 2020”

Baghdad 1967 vs. 2017

“WWII Japanese Mini-Submarine Abandoned In Alaska. 1943 And 2022”

“St. George’s Hall In Liverpool. 1890s And 2022”

“Elsie Allcock Has Lived In The Same House For 104 Years”

“Today I Got To Fly In My Grandfathers Restored WW2 Hurricane!”

“Abandoned Mansion In Poland, Left In Ruins. But Now, It Has Been Restored To Its Former Beauty”

Manufaktura, Łódź, Poland (1994 And 2014)

Minami-Sanriku (Japan) 2011 vs. 2020

Crater Lake In 1982 And 2022

“My Mom And I Sitting On The Stoop Of The Bronx House That’s Been In Our Family For 100 Years, Recreating A Photo Of My Great Aunt And Great-Great Grandmother Taken In The ’40s”

“Before & After ~ Move It Or Lose It!”

“Machu Picchu, Peru 1915/2020 One Of The New 7 Wonders Of The World”

“Gaardbrug Utrecht, The Netherlands”

Edinburgh, Scotland

“The Paghman Gardens In Afghanistan 1967 And 2008”

Lake Mead 1983 vs. 2021

“View Across Central Park In NYC Towards The Beresford Building – 1932/2022”

“Almost Certainly A Canoe Tree Cut By The First People. These Impressive Photos Of A River Red Gum Are 130 Years Apart!”

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