30 Outrageous Zillow Real Estate Listings

“Maybe The Most Perfect Mid Century Home We’ve Ever Seen In Sarasota Fl, Currently Listed At $899,000. 3 Bd, 1 Ba. 1,268 Sf”

“New Goth Home Just Dropped. $250,000”

“This Home Is Rainforest Cafe Meets The Home From Encanto. $25,000,000”

“My Life Is 100% Better After Knowing This Mailbox Exists. $1,200,000”

“This $1.2 Million New Berlin, Wi Has Been On And Off The Market For Years And Comes With An Atrium And Indoor Koi Pond”

“$690,000. Kennebunkport, Me”

“Chooo Chooooooooooooo. $305,000”

“A 105,000 Sf Bel Air Mansion Called “The One” Will Be Going To Auction In February And Is Currently Listed At $295 Million”

“For $165k I Guess We Have No Choice But To Move To Hawaii”

“Happy Castle Mansion Sunday. $5,000,000”

“Here’s A Really Cool “Castle In The Forest” On 22 Acres In Christina Lake, British Columbia For Sale For $1,395,000 (Cnd)”

“If You Like The Show Friends Today Is Your Lucky Day Because We’ve Got The Perfect Houston Townhome For You”

“Every Home Needs One Of These With Easy Access Off The Living Room. Currently Listed At $297,000. 3 Bd, 2 Ba. 2,178 Sq Ft”

“What’s Happening In Canada? $990,000”

“Whenever I’m About To Do Something, I Think ‘Would An Idiot Do That?’ And If They Would, I Do Not Do That Thing. $475,000. 4 Bd, 3 Ba. 2,509 Sq Ft. 5 Acres”

“The “Worst House On The Best Block” In San Francisco Just Sold For $1.97 Million”


“Good Luck Living Here Lol. $169,000. 4 Bd, 4 Ba. 2,750 Sf”

“Who Is Moving To North Carolina With Me. $1,150,000”

“Why Buy A Home When You Can Own Your Own 22 Bedroom 320 Acre Western Town In Saguache, Co.$4,700,000”

“We Are Down In Tampa Fl For This $8.95 Million Castle And Comes With This Very Green Ball Room”

“Santa’s Home Is On Zillow Lol North Pole”

“Nothing Can Prepare You For The Interior Of This $895k Scottsdale, Az Home”

“When Red Is Your Favorite Color. $550,000”

“This Castle Is Over 20k Square Foot. Has 14 Bd, 17 Bathrooms And Is For Sale For $11.8 Million. The Home Sits On Over 4 Acres”

“I Have No Idea What’s Happening In This $650,000 Denver, Co Home But I Respect It”

“On Todays Edition Of You Never Really Know What’s Happening In A Home. $639,000”

“Here’s A 3,500 Square Foot Castle In Harford, Wi For $420k. 4 Bd, 4 Ba. .58 Acres”

“Babe Get Down From There Your Favorite Part Of The Movie Is About To Come On. $180,000”

“Here’s A Classic Castle In Woodstock, Ct Thats Been On And Off The Market For Years, Currently Listed At $60,000,000 With Almost 19,000 Square Feet Of Space”

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