30+ People Share The Weirdest Things They Ever Seen

“Went to my girlfriend’s parent’s house for the first time. My hands are still wet.”

“When a friend visits and wants to play games with you.”

“I work for a scooter company, and need to retrieve this one in order to proceed with my route.”

“When all you want to do is go camping and relax.”

“This entrance is so wheelchair-friendly you will cry.”

“I thought this was a piece of painted-over tape stuck to a bookshelf. Peeled it up to find it was concealing a mystery.”

“Found this creepy clown shower.”

“On second thought, Imma put it right back.”

“Slice of sushi pizza, made in Brazil.”

“Multiple wasp nests merged into one.”

“100±year-old clam from the Great Barrier Reef”

“New prototype ‘economy’ airline seats.”

“Think I’ve just found the world’s longest swirly fry.”

“Our office stays mostly empty these days, but I popped in today and made some coffee. After it brewed, I lifted the pump lever and found this.”

“I think I’ll park somewhere else.”

“This bike I saw outside a grocery store.”

“My wife eats apples from the bottom… including the core.”

“This nail art that my friend did”

’’Saw this at a Golden Corral.’’

’’I found this gem in a restaurant.’’

’’This man at my college wearing socks with pictures of his own face on them’’

’’When my 5-year-old eats grapes’’

’’So I was in class when I saw this guy reading an IHOP menu.’’

’’Freshly squeezed lemonade I ordered’’

’’I saw some stairs in my girlfriend’s new flat.’’

’’I found this at Disneyland today — a Steve Carell shirt.’’

’’Found this at my local 7-Eleven.’’

“Taking hairstyles to the next level”

’’How my wife eats Kit Kat bars’’

’’My man looking like Togepi’’

Source: brightside.me

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