30 People Talk About Their Experiences Living In Century Homes

“Undoing Years Of Paint”

“My Homage To The Wallpapers We’ve Removed”

“We Bought Our First Home, Built Around 1920, And Have Been Slowly Doing Some Work. But I Definitely Would Never Change Our Original Entryway Tile”

“Was Sorting Through Some Old Brick That Was Left Over From Our 1890’s Townhouse, And Came Across This”

“Moved Into Our New Home This Week. Built In 1878”

“Estimates on square footage vary between 7 and 10k. My family and my sister’s family bought it together so all 3 generations could be under one roof”

“San Francisco Victorian Home”

“Spotted This Door Hardware On An 1880 Home For Sale In Ontario, Canada”

“Just Closed On This 1920 Craftsman (?). In Great Shape. Just Needs Some Paint And Floor Refinishing Before Moving In”

“We Found Some Cat Paw Prints In The Original Concrete In Our 116 Year Old Home”

“1896 Queen Anne. My Dream House We Bought In 2016!”

“Saw This Sign In An Old House Today And Figured You Folks May Get A Kick Out Of It”

“This Is Our House In Regional Victoria (Australia). We Are Slowly Restoring It To Its Former Glory”

“Then And Now Of Our New (To Us) Home. Built In The 1870s, Scotland”

“Our 1885 Door That Needed Desperate Love. We’re Blown Away By The Finished Result!”

“Woodwork And Lighting In Our 1896 Tudor-Ish”

“Moved In 2 Months Ago. Decorated The Reception Hall In Our 1908 Home”

“1925 Eastern Shore Farmhouse: Finally Tore Up Last Owner’s Kitchen Tile, And Look What We Found”

“We restored original wood floors throughout the house prior 10 years back, but this floor (and it’s condition) was a very welcome surprise.”

“My 1450’s House”

“Pink Grey Victorian House”

“One Of The Most Gosh Dang Beautiful Homes In The Area”

“1500’s Fireplace Surround In My 1640’s Cottage”

“Before And After. Why Would Anyone Paint These!?”

“Closing In A Month! 1932 Tudor, First Time Home Owners. Lots Of Work To Be Done But We’re So Excited!”

“The Staircase In My Parents 1890 Queen Anne Victorian Home (Illinois)”

“Our House Was Built In 1844 And Is On Our County’s Underground Railroad Map. The Original Owners Were Abolitionists And Held Regular Meetings Here. The Tale From The Historical Society Is That This Capped Off Tunnel In The Basement Was For Escape. It Currently Goes Back 10-12 Feet”

“The original owners were abolitionists and held regular meetings here. The tale from the historical society is that this capped off tunnel in the basement was for escape. It currently goes back 10-12 feet.”

“Found A Suitcase In A Wall, This Is The Contents”

“Mexia, TX”

“This Beautiful Home Was Restored In Brush Park, Detroit MI”

“If You Want To Move To Southern Illinois For Only $235,000 This 1899 Beauty Could Be Yours!”

“We Bought A Ridiculous And Amazing House From 1891”

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