30 People That Are Trying To Hack The “McDonald’s” Menu

“If You’re Craving Something Sweet With Your Coffee, Try Adding Espresso In A Vanilla Milkshake”

“An Order Of Soft Baked Cookies + An Oreo Mcflurry = Perfect Ice Cream Sandwiches”

“This Isn’t Very Nice To Do, But Cold Fries Are Icky”

“Eating A Big Mac (Or Any Burger, Really) Inside Of A Fries Container Ensures That Any Slippage Will Be Successfully Caught”

“Instead Of Ordering A Sausage Egg Mcmuffin, Order A Normal Sausage Mcmuffin And Add An Egg To Save Some Dollars.”

“Double Vanilla Iced Coffee”

“Make Your Apple Pie A Little Bit Fancier By Adding Some Soft Serve On The Side”

“If You’re On The Go, You Can Use This Little Trick To Eat One-Handed”

“Create Your Own Mcbrunch By Ordering Hotcakes And A Kid’s Meal Fruit Bag To Make Your Own “Crepes!””

“You Can Get A Burger That Tastes Just Like A Big Mac (And Save $$$) When You Order A Mcdouble With Fewer Condiments, But Add Big Mac Sauce”

“Add A Soft Serve Cone On Top Of A Frozen Coke Or Root Beer To Make A Float”

“Little Tip From An Ex-Mcworker: Order A Double Espresso With A Mocha Frappé For An Extra Kick. Have Them Pour It In Just Before Mixing””

“Instead Of Ordering A Regular Chicken Biscuit, Get It With Mcgriddle Bread Instead”

“Animal-Style Fries? Psh. Try Ordering Fries With Big Mac Special Sauce On Top!”

“Side Caesar With 2 Grilled Chicken Breasts. I Order On The Touch Screen Menu And Customize The Side Caesar. Comes Out To $8”

“And Since Breakfast Is Served All Day, You Can Absolutely Add An Egg To That Burger”

“McDonald’s Hacks”

“And Adding Chicken Nuggets To Your Own Bed Of Lettuce Makes For A Great Chicken Salad”

“Nasi Lemak Burger Is Back And One Hack I Learnt From A Colleague Is To Ask Them For Special Order Of Extra Sambal!”

“So you need to order this over the counter instead of the kiosk. And the $9.40 set includes the banana pie. Without it is just $8. And you can change the fries for cup of corn instead FOC. I love sambal and the extra sauce makes this juicier… don’t worry, their sambal isn’t spicy at all but this can get messy so make sure you have a box of wet wipes handy”

“Hash Browns Instead Of English Muffin”

“A Double Cheeseburger, Mcchicken With Mack Sauce, Remove Bottom Buns, And Smush Together. Extra Cheese Optional”

“Need A Sauce Holder While Driving? A Mcflurry Lid Will Come In Handy Here”

“re Is A Great Quick Keto Breakfast On The Go At Mc Donald’s. Order 2 Sausage Patties, 2 Slices Of Cheese And 2 Round Eggs On A Plate”

“Chicken Parm Sandwhich = Plain Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwhich Add 3 Mozzarella Cheese Sicks And A Container Of Mariana Sauce On Top… Enjoy”

“Getting To Mcdonald’s For Bang On 10:30 For A Double Cheeseburger With Hash Brown”

“McDonald’s Hacks”

“I Tell You One Thing I Really Do Miss Is A Dirty Sausage And Egg Mcmuffin After An Even Dirtier Set Of Night Shifts”

“However, I found my new alternative by getting the Muffin with only Cheese and banging a Hashbrown in the middle God it is the most divine thing your lips have tasted after finishing a night shift and you’re hungry and you’re tired and…

Tip: They tried charging me full whack for the Muffin and Cheese until I questionned it and the manager advised to put it through as dips. Make sure you’re double checking the price when you’re getting Maccies baps without the Meat”

“Just Created Of The Double Chocolate Pie Mcflurry”


“McDonald’s Hack No.135: Just Add Bacon”

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