30 People That Fight Illnesses With Humor

7-Year-Old Does Not Let Alopecia Stop Her From Celebrating Her School’s “Crazy Hair Day”

Cancer Survivor Takes Life With A Little Humor

My Mom Is In Her 8th Week Of Chemo. This Is Her Halloween Costume

My Wife Dressed Up As Lara Croft For Halloween. She’s An Amputee, So She Improvised

Most Long-Sleeves Are Longer Than My Arms Due To A Disability, So I Wore An Appropriate Sweater

His New GF

There’s Always Some Truth In Every Joke

Going Back To Work Next Week. Trying To Convince My Colleagues I Had A Beach Holiday

Saw This Customer Today With The Coolest Christmas Decorations Ever

My Brother’s Halloween Costume This Year

Built Myself A LEGO Leg While I Wait For My Real One To Be Built

Just Beat Testicular Cancer, So From Now On These Will Be My Pens Of Choice For Nursing School

My Wife Was In An Accident About 2 Months Ago Resulting In A Severe Brain Injury. We Thought We’d Make The Most Of The Situation. Zoinks!

Was At The VA Hospital Today, When I Ran Into This Guy And His Shirt

My Aunt’s, A Recovering Cancer Patient’s, Hair Has Started Growing Back And Today She Posted This Picture Captioned “Twins!”

Met Another Bionic And Decided To Swap Limbs

Friend Had Ear Surgery And Decided To Make The Best Of It

The Best Thing For A Broken Arm

Lost The Leg A Couple Months Ago, But He’s Kept His Sense Of Humor The Whole Time

Photo Taken Outside Children’s Hospital In Los Angeles. Smart Kid

My Friend Was Diagnosed With Parkinson’s. He Thought It Would Be Funny To Send This As His Christmas Letter. His Wife, Horrified, Added The Sticker

My Co-Worker Is An Amputee. This Was Her Costume

I’m Having My Orchiectomy Today For Testicular Cancer. Here’s My 100% Accurate Representation Of The X-Rays

My Dad Just Got His Chest Port For Chemotherapy Today. Here He Is Testing It Out

Felt Cute, Bout To Get $125K Injected Into Me For My Disease, Might Delete Later IDK

Turned My Wheelchair Into The Iron Throne For Halloween

My Son Is An Amputee And Sent Me These Gems. I Needed To Share Them With The World

When You Got No Legs, Seize The Opportunity

I’m Having My Left Leg Amputated Today. I Wore This Shirt And Wrote This On My Leg For The Surgeons

My Uncle Broke His Leg Today. He Said It Didn’t Even Hurt

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