30+ People Who Found Some Amazing Things

“These complimentary (?) dumbbells in my hotel room”

“This jelly jar can be used as a glass once it’s finished.”

“A dog with an amazing pattern looks like a marble statue”

“Message in a Bottle I found floating off of Solomons Island, MD”

“This drive-thru in Canada has their debit card machine attached to a hockey stick”

“A key that had never been taken out of the keyhole”

“Drove through purple fog today”

“A 100 sided die”

“My dad just gifted me a new floppy disk drive”

“Small island in Sweden looks like a map of Scandinavia”

“I still have my working TI-30 calculator from the 1970s”

“My new toothpaste has a perfect swirl”

“Mt. Rainier casting a shadow across the sky”

“The way the wind blew this leaf around to make a perfect circle”

“Vintage car completely filled with Coca Cola”

“Today I found a hat with an AM/FM radio in it inside an antique store.”

“This bathroom mirror in Tallinn Airport has instructions on how to tie a tie.”

“These rice grains standing up straight after cooking it”

“The town I live in just put up a 50ft Leg Lamp, permanently.”

“Found this 1999 ‘vintage’ Thinking Chair from Blues Clues.”

“Lego space figure from 1980 and one from 2022.”

“A chocolate covered cashew that I mistook for my other earbud.”

“Socks are a part of the UPS uniform.”

“NY coffee shop dumps grinds in flowerbed”

“Hockey arena with a “front porch” club box.”

“The inside of my red onion looks like a lotus flower.”

“Rentable soundproof offices in the Seattle airport.”

“I can bend my toes back to my foot.”

“The way these tiles form a smooth 90° transition instead of a hard corner at my local sandwich shop.”

“My mom got Uranium Glass for her birthday.”


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