30 People Who Found Things They Didn’t Know What They Were

“A red and clear rubber toy-like thing found on a playground”

Answer: “It’s a Lego part. It is a pair of balloons held by a Lego figure.”

“A thumb protector possibly, but for what? Found it at a yard sale.”

Answer: “For shucking clams/oysters? Protects from sharp edges and knife slips.”

“Found 4 of these capsules filled with what appears to be metal shavings?”

Answer: “It’s a pill for ruminant animals.”

“At an Airbnb in a beach town on the east coast in the US. The kitchen island has these ’indents’ with a handle?”

Answer: “It was part of a hatch door on a barn or a ship.”

“A small metal trinket found buried on a rural Missouri farm”

Answer: “It’s a boy scout neckerchief slide.”

“Found in the woods in Germany hanging from a tree/bush.”

Answer: “Is hunting allowed? Could be for scent lure.”

“2 cars parked on a street, both seem to have T-shirts (or some sort of material) over their wing mirrors, but just on the side facing the road.”

Answer: “It’s to keep birds from attacking the mirrors.”

“Hundreds of stainless steel pipes near a damn”

Answer: “They’re breather pipes for a landfill site. Lets out the gasses from decomposing waste buried there.”

“These strange dust patterns keep showing up on screens of my apartment windows.”

Answer: “The previous tenant smoked with a fan in the window.”

“These little specs on my bed — every time I dust them off, they reappear within 2 hours and I have no idea how.”

Answer: “This is 100% termite droppings. Somewhere above (your bed) I’m sure you’ll find a small dot-sized hole in the ceiling.”

“Found in my math teacher’s room — 100 squares with varying patterns and colors. No patterns seem to be the same.”

Answer: “It’s a prime factorization chart and a demonstration of The Sieve of Eratosthenes. Note that primes are of solid distinct color.”

“A moon face type thing found buried 6 inches in my yard”

Answer: “It’s probably just a moon face garden decoration.”

“This was in my band-aid wrapper instead of a band-aid. Almost rubbery.”

Answer: “Looks like a manufacturing error where that may be the start or end of a production run.”

“What is this house in the middle of the ocean?”

Answer: “It’s the Middle Bay Light.”

“A little dirt tower that has appeared over the past few days next to my bed”

Answer: “Looks like termites.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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