30+ Photos Of Strange Discoveries And Situations

“My dog thinks he’s a lap dog and crushed my poor colleague.”

“Took a pic of my cat. She’s blinking, and her reflection is not.”

“This is what you see when you turn your porch light on in Arkansas.”

“My onion has non-concentric rings and looks like a cabbage.”

“My new shoes apparently show dirt on the sole in a foot-bone pattern.”

“This carrot baby won’t let go of its momma.”

“My light bulb burnt out in an interesting way.”

“At the Muse concert last night when suddenly…”


“I left my artichoke out of the fridge and it bloomed.”

“The pattern on this blanket doesn’t show up on an infrared camera.”

“My sister works at a driving school. She sent me this picture from her desk today.”

“This hole I accidentally made with a laser.”

“Found out today that my great-uncle is dog walking buddies with Stephen King.”

“I was told I look like a Mexican Michael Scott.”

“A sea lion I saw napping on a bench.”

“His name is Meevin and he’s got horn-like ears.”

“There’s a family of foxes living under my house.”

“A scorpion I just happened to find in my bra before putting it on”

Source: brightside.me

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