30 Photos Prove That New Thing Isn’t Always A Better Thing

“1959 (?) Ford Workmaster 600. We use it every week – I love this tractor.”

“Just got done detailing my grandpa’s 1971 Schwinn racer! These bikes were built for life that’s for sure!”

“1986 Yamaha PW50. Still starts on the first kick, and you can still buy them to this day.”

“Before and after restore: Vintage Ridgid adjustable wrench, $6 salvage company score…. Chemical rust remover, wire wheel, 80, 150, 220, 600, 1000, 2000 grit sandpaper, then buffing on a bench grinder, and paint.”

“Eagle Industries Becker Patrol Pack. Purchased online back in 2001 and has been to over sixty countries. Perfect for trekking and living out of for shoestring budget traveling. Seen here in Taiyuan, China shortly before boarding a train to trek through Tibet.”

“A customer of mine finally decided to upgrade… Motorola Razr, purchased November 2006”

“Faema E61, reliably making excellent coffee since the sixties.”

“Barber Chair, 100 years old and reconditioned!”

“My 1929 victrola portable has been through 2 floods and sat for years after because I couldn’t get to it. She’s not pretty anymore, but she still works and has never been rebuilt.”

“2004 Black Friday special Ridgid Shop Vac. It’s been thru hell and back with commerical construction and projects at home. It still “sucks”!”

“My Benetton Formula 1 Cap from 1987, still being used.”

“DaKine backpack. It’s been on many ski adventures, day trips and loaded with beer! It’s 28 years old!”

“This radio alarm clock from the mid/late 80s it used to be my mother’s, all the functions still work even the reading lamp and the clock is in complete sync with my smartphones clock!”

“30 year old Bose 301 speakers still rocking out in the garage.”

“Braun Series 3 Shaver, bought it around 12 years ago and is still my daily.”

“42 and still plenty to do!”

“Restoring an old vice”

“My Original Penguin leather duffel. I bought it in store about 16 years ago at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. I just finished conditioning the leather like I’ve done every year since.”

“Oregano – mom got a piece of an oregano plant from her aunt when I was a kid. She transplanted some to one house, then another and another, then to my place, and again when I moved. We have never purchased oregano in my entire life. It even pops up in the lawn, makes grass cutting smell nice”

“40 years of laundry. My parents bought this in 1980 when they first got married. It’s also live a life as a pretend boat and turtle shell when I was little. It’s in great condition and I’m so happy to be giving it more life.”

“Hobart bandsaw. I work at a whole animal butcher shop and this thing is a necessity. It’s from the 70s.”

“The light microscope in my lab was made sometime before the Berlin Wall fell and still works beautifully. The only hardware upgrade that has been made on it is the polaroid camera it came with. It is compatible with almost any digital camera.”

“My Grandpa’s double bit Walter axe. Bought in 1940s Ontario and logged with it across Canada until he retired in ’70s B.C.”

“Best Coleman product I ever bought – 20+ years”

“1923 mechanic’s grease gun. Brass, steel and bakelite… Still works like a champ”

“1984 Raleigh Gran Prix touring bike. Rides as smoothly as the day I bought it.”

“Arkansas traveler tomatoes. Originally purchased in 1970… 51 years ago. Buy heirloom, buy it once.”

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