30 Photos Show How Pandemic Changed Things

Santa Monica Pier then:

Santa Monica Pier now:

The Super Bowl then:

The Super Bowl now:

The Golden Globes then:

The Golden Globes now:

NBA games then:

NBA games now:

Movie theaters then:

Movie theaters now:

Restaurants then:

Restaurants now:

Classrooms then:

Classrooms now:

College then:

College now:

Disneyland then:

Disneyland now:

California Adventure then:

California Adventure now:

Times Square then:

Times Square now:

The Mall of America then:

The Mall of America now:

Universal Studios then:

Universal Studios now:

Congress then:

Congress now:

And finally, Bourbon Street (during Mardi Gras) then:

And Bourbon Street (during Mardi Gras) now:

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