30 Photos Show That You Can’t Fight Time

The Game Boy that survived the Gulf War (1991).


My work gloves after 1 month.


100 of each: Mutilated bills, bills in circulation, and brand new.


My grandpa’s old hammer.


This leaf has been sitting on a fountain for a long time.


This tree growing through an old truck.


Knife at my work that’s halfway gone from sharpening.


Skateboard Wheels


Roman clay tile with footprint left by a toddler as it dried 2000 years ago.


My son’s watercolors got left in the sun and they shrunk into round balls.


CRT TV with screen burn, It was used as a security cam monitor a long time ago.


The way this hammer has changed through the years & weather.


Spot worn on my son’s pachycephalosaurus’ head from years of head-butting other dinosaurs


A 300-year-old brick with a paw print in it.


Four and a half years of dust building up on a green army man.


These bendy trees I saw on my walk this afternoon.


A pedal on the piano in a university practice room.


A vending machine that Time forgot.


A road on my work commute in London is eroding and starting to expose the old cobblestone street.


These knives have been used in my family for generations.


This rock my sisters and I put between these tree limbs 10ish years ago


My grandma’s 60+ year old wooden spoon that she still uses all the time.


This forgotten bike that grew into a tree.


Wedding rings have caused only the left handle of this door to be covered in scratches.


Ollie’s new panda and 3 year old panda.


Snapped this pic while taking my morning walk. Over used telephone pole.


It was hot enough this summer in Phoenix to melt the blinds on my bedroom window.


This Nike that we found while hiking.


The sanitizer at work has started to eat through the tile on the bathroom floor over the past year.


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