30 Photos That Transport Boomers Back In Time With Nostalgia

Step into a time capsule with this captivating collection of 30 photos that effortlessly transport Boomers back to their cherished memories. Each image captures a slice of the past, stirring up waves of nostalgia and evoking a deep sense of longing.

Dream kitchens that came in either Harvest Gold, Coppertone, or Avocado Green:

Drive-through photo development kiosks, where not only could you develop your photos, but also get film and other camera accessories:

The external speakers you would need to put inside the car whenever you went to drive-in theater:

Metal ice cube trays:

TV dinners that came in aluminum trays and never heated up right:

Big Sears catalogs that came in the mail several times a year:

Alka-Seltzer when it came in glass containers:

And Campho-Phenique Liquid that also came in glass containers

Phone booths that had phone books attached to them — in case you needed to look up a number before making a call:

Delicious, delicious Tang that came in glass jars:

And the special Tang pitchers they sold for it:

Roller skate keys that were essential to making sure you got the skates to fit:

Band-Aids that came in tin containers:

And Nabisco Saltine Crackers that also came in tin containers (OK, so a lot of things came in tin containers):

Life magazine, which seemed like every family you knew had a subscription to:

Suitcases before they had wheels — which meant you felt every single pound you put into it while carrying it:

Colored toilet paper that usually coordinated with the color of the bathroom:

And crocheted doll toilet paper holders that also coordinated with the bathroom:

Rotary phones that took forever to dial a number and weighed, like, 10 pounds:

Pop-up telephone books that made looking for a friend or family member’s phone number easier:

Fancy ashtrays that were part of the decor in people’s living rooms — and there would be multiples of:

Cake saver travel carriers that made sure that homemade cakes reached the potluck, birthday party, house party, or BBQ without a scratch on the Crisco frosting:

Ambrosia salad, which was served at every summer get together:

S&H Green Stamps and the books you or your folks would put them in:

Banks when they were completely open with, like, no security, did bank giveaways, and were closed on the weekends:

Woolco Department Stores, which was Woolworth’s bigger and nicer sister store:

Metal toy cap guns that looked a lot like real guns:

And bubble gum cigarettes that looked a lot like real cigarettes because they had an almost similar “name-brand”:

Flashcubes, which allowed you to get four flashes per cube:

Columbia House mail-order music club, when you could order either vinyl or 8-track on it:

When you needed two keys for your car; one to open the car doors and one to start the ignition:

Better Homes and Gardens Creative Cooking Library, which came with some, um, creative recipes in it that your mom would try to make:

Carbon paper for whenever you needed a copy of something you were typing:

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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