30 Photos That Will Make You Look Again And Again

Something seems wrong here.

’’Was taking a picture of my shoes… looks like my feet switched sides.’’

“When these hand prints look like hands rising out of the sand”

’’I almost forgot my wallet at Target.’’

“A guy walking behind me made me look like I have a really long yet tiny forearm.”

“For a split second, I thought Derek Truck’s guitar cable was coming out of my TV.”

“Hard to decide whether the man is a giant or the plane is a toy.”

“My friend and I painted this 3D illusion in Chicago last week.”

“Reflection in the water in the Beatus caves in Switzerland.”

“Saw this guy driving up a traffic light the other day.”

“Nope, this is not a person.”

“My wife changing the kid’s diaper. That’s quite a long leg for a 3 month old baby.”

“This random lady has superman’s laser vision.”

“My paw fell off.”

Source: brightside.me

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