30+ Pics Show That Mother Nature Has Some Very Unusual Tricks Up Her Sleeve

“This branch that grew around a golf ball”

“We grew an eggplant that looks like the poop emoji.”

“Nature has spotted my dog.”

“I put dying broccoli in some water. It sprouted roots and started flowering!”

“The way rain carved out the sand around this ball and ’elevated’ it”

“This statue looks like it’s crying when it rains.”

“Very weird webbing in my cats eye”

“I can bend my fingers back a fair bit without help.”

“This unidentified mushroom that is absorbing an insect carcass”

“3D printed ’Hulk Arms’ for our chicken”

“None of my fingers have middle knuckles, and it’s hereditary.”

“My cat has heterochromia.”

“My girlfriend’s plant has a corkscrew leaf.”

“My mother planted zucchini and this one looks like a bird.”

“My dog is growing an extra toe in between her toes. She’s 5 and it started showing 3 weeks ago.”

“I found out my veneers don’t glow in blacklight.”

“Hearts in moss growing on a tree”

“This mussel-covered shoe washed up on the beach.”

“My fridge was too cold and froze all the water in this carrot.”

“This shell I found looks just like a coconut.”

“This lime grew from my tree.”

“An ice formation was created as the river level dropped.”

“The way this tree grew into a fence and then rotted away”

“The way this horse’s fur flattens when I pet her”

“The way these ants corralled around a drop of sugar water”

“This stain on our home’s floor that seems like a Simpsons character”

“The leaves on this plant look like tiny hands.”

“I have brachydactily, making my hands so small that they’re almost useless.”

“The way this sunbeam almost perfectly bisects my cat”

Source: brightside.me

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