30+ Pretty Awesome Photos

“I have an uncanny resemblance to the Freya carving at EPCOT’s stave church”

“This gear from a WWII Navy battleship gearbox is enormous. My hand for scale”

“The way the snow melted in my backyard reveals the branching groundhog tunnels underneath”

“This hole in the wall thats been carved from years of waterflow.”

“These 4 identical patterns showed up on only one of my windows when they fogged up”

“My lamppost in the snow looks like a scene out of Narnia”

“I was making marbled cupcakes, and this one looked a little like Conan O’Brien.”

“This bench with a concrete spine that looks like a mattress”

“My dad’s recording of the Live Aid concert on Beta”

“The McDonalds I’m at has a small library of books to read while eating.”

“My teacher has a pet turtle that walks around class”

“A broken tube TV in my work has “GAME OVER” burnt into the screen”

“I saw a roadrunner at work today”

“My great-grandfather’s wooden dog tags from the first World War.”

“I asked for extra lettuce in my Big Mac and they filled the entire box down to the corners.”

“The way the tiles around this pole are not affected by the weather because of dog urine.”

“The way the rain is falling in just this one place.”

“My vasculature (left), compared to my man Cody’s (right)”

“The Mother in our app cider vinegar looks like a Dementor”

“This public restroom at a hotel has black toilet paper.”

“I saw a giant pumpkin riding the skytrain all by itself. Nobody was around.”

“A local charity shop was selling a bootleg copy of The Office”

“My tortilla kinda looks like Jupiter.”

“A snowflake fell onto my field hazard assessment paper and dotted the i on Removing ice”

“This ENORMOUS mountain of Saffron in a Bazar in Tehran”

“We found neighbouring houses with the same colours as our jackets”

“This randomly illuminated patch of street”

“This 57-year old telegram my grandpa sent my grandma”

“My dog and I have the same size foot”

Source: www.reddit.com

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