30+ Products That Have Over 10,000 Five-Star Reviews For A Reason

 An incredibly popular repairing hair treatment that takes just eight seconds to reverse damage and restore shine. Apply it after shampoo but before conditioner and let the amino acids and “lamellar water technology” work its magic to smooth your hair without weighing it down. It has over 16,000 rave reviews — and the before and after photos really speak for themselves.

liquid lipstick that lasts for a whopping 24 hours without caking or flaking, so you can say goodbye to constantly touching up your lip color every time you take a much deserved coffee break. Oh, and did I mention the over 11,000 rave reviews?!

 powerful spray with 17,000 perfect reviews that will break down stubborn mold and mildew stains almost instantly. Just leave it on for about 15 seconds, then lightly wipe away to reveal what your shower is actually supposed to look like.

Maybelline Dark Circles Treatment Concealer for when you need to fool everyone into thinking you got a full night’s sleep, when in reality you were just scrolling through the 76,000 rave reviews from Amazon customers.

A tub of TikTok-famous The Pink Stuff (seriously, it’s gone mega-viral with over 66,000 5-star reviews) — which will completely revitalize your sink, bathtub, and tiles with the help of a little elbow grease. It also works wonders on neglected stoves, so you might want a jar for the kitchen as well.

pet hair remover with over 68,000 shining reviews that will pick up each and every stray hair your fur baby leaves in its wake. It’s perfect for restoring your couch back to its former glory or making your car’s seats look presentable again.

carpet cleaner to clean up everything from spaghetti mishaps in the living room to coffee spills in your car. If only Kevin had this on hand when he spilled his famous chili — actually he might be one of the 44,000 reviewers that have left a 5-star rating.

A pack of thin velvet hangers that take up much less space than traditional hangers and provide a much better grip on your clothes. And let’s be honest, any hangers with over 100,000 5-stars definitely deserve a place in your cart.

 A brow pencil so you can sculpt and shape in mere seconds. Just use the skinny pencil tip to draw in some surprisingly realistic brow-like lines, then use the spoolie to even everything out. It’s convinced over 25,000 people to leave a 5-star review.

wrinkle releaser and fabric freshening spray that over 12,000 Amazon reviewers swear by. It’ll help you get rid of all those creases and crinkles with just a few simple sprays, so it’s perfect for when you can’t be bothered to pull out the iron.

set of cleaning K-Cups with 19,000 5-star reviews to remove all of the grime in your Keurig machine. You’d be surprised how much coffee residue and old coffee grinds can get stuck in the dispenser.

A jar of super-moisturizing cream that has basically given over 22,000 reviewers brand new hands. Its blend of beeswax and glycerin will get your skin back to normal if increased handwashing has wreaked havoc on your hands.

A pack of cleaning tablets to clean your dishwasher for you, because it’s probably way dirtier than you imagine. These will break down lime and mineral buildup so your dishes come out looking as sparkly as they do in all those dish soap commercials. Plus, those 67,000 5-star reviews can’t be wrong.

detangling brush that’ll glide right through your hair instead of getting caught in a knotted mess that makes you want to chop it all off and go back to bed. It’s helped over 32,000 reviewers tackle tangles with ease.

bestselling garlic press with 11,000 perfect ratings to take the mess out of preparing your favorite ingredient.

This wildly popular anti-dandruff shampoo, that uses ketoconazole 1% to fight dandruff and relieve itchy scalps. Over 41,000 Amazon customers have been wowed by the results.

 TubShroom to catch all of your hair before it has a chance to clog your drain — because no, it shouldn’t take a full hour for your shower to fully drain. Over 65,000 Amazon reviewers have sung the praises of this surprising shower game changer.

rinse-out hair treatment that went viral on TikTok, which might explain the impressive 16,000 5-star reviews. Its blend of ceramides and collagen will add smoothness and shine to your hair in just five minutes, making it perfect for those of us who care about our hair but not enough to devote extra time to it.

truly “epic” liquid eyeliner by Nyx with over 33,000 5-star reviews and an applicator so smooth and precise you’ll probably create the perfect winged liner on the very first try.

massaging brush that not only invigorates your scalp and helps break down any product buildup, but also just feels ah-ma-zing after a long day — just ask the 74,000 people that have left a 5-star review.

 product dispenser with spots for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash so you can finally recycle those bulky bottles that are taking up way too much space on your shower’s shelves. It also might trick you into thinking you’re at fancy resort, and that alone explains the 11,000 5-star reviews.

A pack of washing machine cleaner tablets to banish odors and break down residue so your clothes will come out feeling cleaner than ever. I know — you’ve probably never even thought about cleaning your washing machine, but over 107,000 reviewers say it’s worth it.

The one and only Mike’s Hot Honey, which will quickly become your go-to condiment for literally everything from salads to pizza. According to the over 29,000 rave reviews, it’s the perfect blend of a little sweet and a little heat.

An avocado slicer and pit remover that’ll make it so much easier to make avocado toast for the seventh time this week. The 21,000 5-star reviews might just convince you to finally stop using that flimsy butter knife.

cleaning putty so you can get the dust and debris out of every nook and cranny in your car — from the crevices of your air-conditioning vent to the random spots in between your seats. This Flubber-like cleaner has impressed over 19,000 reviewers.

 An ozone-free Levoit air-purifier with a three-stage filtration system that’ll capture allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, mold, odor, and large dust particles floating all over your home. Oh, and it also has over 27,000 5-star reviews!

This jewelry-cleaning stick to quickly add some bling back to your rings. You can use it on basically any of your accessories that need a good sprucing-up — and it’s impressed over 25,000 reviewers.

This cruelty-free lengthening mascara with a whopping 141,000 5-star Amazon reviews and some seriously impressive before and after photos. Oh, did I mention it’s UNDER $5?!

An outrageously popular Differin gel that has compelled over 29,000 Amazon reviewers to leave a review as glowing as their skin. It’s a prescription-strength retinoid that gets deep down in your pores to promote skin turnover, so you’ll basically have a brand-new face after a few uses.

Coty Airspun loose face power to quickly mop up excess oil and keep your makeup looking flawless all day. The over 61,000 5-star reviews confirm that it’s basically FaceTune in a portable package.

 A bottle of facial toner with a staggering 54,000 5-star reviews. This smooth potion uses a blend of witch hazel and aloe vera to control excess oil, tighten pores, and reduce irritation and redness.

A bottle of Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil to help reduce the appearance of pesky scars thanks to a special blend of vitamin A, chamomile, sunflower, lavender, and vitamin E oils. It’s developed a bit of cult following, with over 78,000 reviewers raving about it.

A bottle of CND Essentials nail and cuticle oil that will have your hands looking as shiny and flawless as they do when you leave the salon, except without the outrageous salon prices. It’s become a must-have for over 12,000 Amazon reviewers.

And a disposable cleaning wand that’s made scrubbing the toilet less of a chore for over 26,000 reviewers. The kit comes with 16 refill heads to get you started, so you can immediately say goodbye to that dirty toilet wand in your bathroom!

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