30 Random Tips That Can Help To Improve Your Life

“Leave the first time he frightens you. Because it won’t be the last.”

“Apologize to your children. Genuinely. If you were wrong, say sorry and mean it.”

“When you’re cooking the recipe is only a reference. When you’re baking the recipe is the work of the law.”

“Never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.”

“When a kid shows you a drawing, instead of saying “what is it?” Or guessing, which could upset them, ask them

“Can you tell me about it?”

The kid will be excited to tell you all about it and they don’t get upset that their nonsensical squiggles weren’t immediately recognized.”

“Check-in on people who always seem strong. Sometimes they’re not doing well but think they can’t say anything because they’re the “strong one.””

“Never lie to your doctor.”

“TURN ON SUBTITLES FOR YOUR KIDS!!! Studies have shown it’s proven to help with reading.”

“Use turn signals when driving.”

“Never answer a kid’s joke. Always let them tell you the punchline even if you already know it.”

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

“Never insult someone who is going to prepare your food or has access to your data.”

“Befriend the IT team at work.”

“Get everything in writing, even if you think you don’t need it. An email, a text message, something in case things don’t go as planned. Has saved me countless times and burned me by not having it.”

“Don’t smoke. Don’t even start.”

“From domestic abusers to supposed experts to politicians. If someone tells you not to seek out another’s opinion, they’re lying to you.”

“If you see a bathroom in your dream, don’t use it.”

“If a kid ever hands you a banana, you answer it like a telephone.”

“If you love someone, tell them. Friends, family, coworker. It doesn’t matter. This may be the last time you talk to them.”

“The best advice I ever got was from a Veterinarian when I brought him a newly adopted old dog with many health issues: “I will help you prolong his life, I will NOT help you prolong his death.” Words to live by when you have pets and have to face “the decision”.”

“Forgive your younger self.

Most importantly, start small. Pick one moment of the past – start small- and view it through your current self. Oftentimes, our mistakes make a lot of sense considering our age/situation. View your past self as if it was your friend or child and comfort accordingly.

TLDR It’s forgiving/understanding your past self by understanding WHY you made that mistake.”

“If your friend is starting a new business, don’t expect a discount. Instead, support them with sales as much as possible.”

“Whenever you’re stuck in a situation where someone starts to cry, offer to get them water. It gives them the space to express their emotions privately for a bit and feel cared for as you are trying to help by getting water. Also helps if people crying makes you uncomfortable.”

“When in doubt if you get a weird email, text, letter; never click any links in the text or email. Always go to the bank to verify if it is real.”

“When you are on a job interview, don’t forget that you are also evaluating whether that job is a fit for you. Ask about benefits, work culture, what the interviewer personally finds valuable about working there. 1. This makes it appear that you have self-worth and eases your nervousness. 2. The answers they give can tell you a lot about whether you actually want to work there.”

“Brush your teeth no matter what just brush em before you lose em”

“Use sunscreen.”

“It’s okay to like things that are considered “cringey” or unpopular. You decide what you like, not everyone else.”

“Waste is generated at the time of purchase, not disposal. Holding onto junk just because you paid money for it isn’t being thrifty, it’s hoarding. Your mental health and your wallet will both be better off if you get rid of it to make space for the things you actually need.”

“Make sure you drink enough water. Every cell in your body needs it”

“From argumentative @$$holes at the grocery store to bullies in public school, this is my best advice:

If someone tries to give you a hard time verbally and wants to start cr#p with you, insult you, or just get you going in some way, always remember:

You allow conversations to happen. You can control the length by simply not engaging. Remember: anyone who tries harder to get you to respond is losing and getting desperate.

Source: former Correctional Officer. People talking s@#t to you from behind bars doesn’t matter when you never acknowledge it. Eventually, you stop caring when you hear instigation and you hear it for what it is: a power play. The only winning option is not to play.”

“Never send an angry email or text immediately. Wait at least an hour and read it out loud or to a friend.”

“Keep learning new things”

“Work will never love you back.”

“If you’re an artist or in a job where you type a lot, take breaks and do wrist stretches! Carpel Tunnel s#cks.”

“Take care of your Mental health. It should be a priority. Once you lose your health, life s#cks.”

“Don’t feel upset if you can’t find a nice woman/man to date/spend time with. Rather be the loneliest man alive than being attached to the wrong one. It only takes one wrong one to never make this mistake again. Take your time, you are beautiful and there is no rush.”

“Learn how to say no, and learn how to have tact and grace towards others.”

“Always budget for less money than you have, that way if you make mistakes it’ll be ok. Leave room for error”

“Don’t expect ‘you’ from other people.”

Credits:   Reddit, Bored Panda

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