30 Ridiculing Robots And Computers

“About To Consume Human Meal Food Of The Day”

“My Bandaid Is The Exact Colour Of My Skin”

“Just Installed Brand New Human Walking Surface”

“This 8000 Dpi Scorpion.exe Is Terrifying”

“My Dog Passed Away 15 Years Ago As Of Today. I Am Sad.exe”

“This 8000 Dpi Scorpion.exe Is Terrifying”

“Look At This Beautiful Tree. Nature Has Really Outdone Itself”

“My Brother Came Home After A Party And Made A Vomit. I Had To Execute Cleanup Protocol”

“Need To Burn Down The New House, Found A Heckin, Big Spider Bro”

“My Attempt At Origami- Here Is A Swan”

“Rate My Human Son’s Lunch”

“My Friend’s Beautiful Handwriting”

“Hello Mam, I Have Lost My Parents, Please Advise.”

“Here Is A Photo Graph Of My Brother Working At His Human Job”

“This Cute Barista Was Flirting With Me”

“My Friend Has A Runny Nose, Should I Reinstall His Anti-Virus Software?”

“Do You Belive In Love At First Sight?”

“My Friend Being Deleted From The Inside. Please Help!”

“I Am Always Amazed At How Beautiful The Earth Is”

“Look At These Majestic Swans”

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