30+ Shopping Fails That Are Too Real

Online shopping Expectations Vs. Reality: When your dream dress becomes a nightmare.

“This sandwich has so little crab that you can’t even taste it.”

“My aunt ordered pizza.”

“I was going for “boho chic” but you gave me “tasteless.”

“Ordered a blackened salmon Caesar salad.”

“The amount of a very expensive deodorant in the package.”

“There’s even a little cardboard barrier to prevent the tea bags from moving around in the empty space.”

“I just opened it. Haven’t eaten a single one yet.”

“$30 protein powder”

“Ordered a $40 wood and epoxy resin lamp. This is what I got.”

“I ordered them because I thought they had glitter, not painted on sparkles.”

“This airport breakfast cost me $38.”

Source: brightside.me

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