30 Shower Thoughts That May Leave You Feeling Overwhelmed

“3am feels much more like the middle of the night than midnight.”

“One unforeseen aspect of becoming a parent is that suddenly you are open to a whole new genre of nightmares that involve losing your kid.”

“Based strictly on a photograph, human beings are able to firmly and conclusively decide whether or not they want to ingest another human’s bodily secretions”

“When you become angry with someone for being honest with you, they may begin to conceal the truth in order to avoid displeasing you.”

“The majority of things boomers dislike about younger generations were created by boomers”

“The designers of intelligent bidets had to spend hundreds of hours building butthole tracking technology”

“Fire-breathing is not the only thing that makes dragons fantasy. They’re also way too heavily built to be able to fly.”

“Many people can’t really throw with force and accuracy because it rarely is useful anymore.”

“There’s enough men on earth to build a bridge of d#cks to the moon”

“Slippers and high heels are opposite ends of the comfort spectrum, yet they’re equally difficult to run in.”

“In our lifespan we don’t even get to meet 1% of the human population”

“You’ll never see your own ears. You may see a picture or a reflection of them, but you’ll never see your actual ears.”

“In Toy Story it must be pure agony to exist as an unassembled lego set”

“99% of what your body does it does itself, your body actually trusts you with very little”

“Our two most standard ice cream flavors are beans”

“Some history text books in the future will have screenshots of important tweets that happened during our life”

“As a kid, teenagers seemed so big and scary because in most TV shows they were actually played by adults in their 20s.”

“It is actually pretty easy to come up with a sentence that never has been said before”

“Phone companies have managed to find a way to sell you basically the same product with slight modifications for a $1k every two years.”

“Pressing the door lock button on your car’s key fob just once never seems to lock it enough.”

“Most of us will have a kill ratio of 0:1”

“Stamps are stickers with a job”

“Garlic and Onion air fresheners are a terrible idea. But as soon as you start cooking it, everybody comments how amazing your house smells”

“Massive amounts of humanity will fight to the death for their country, but not for the planet”

“No Roman emperor ever tasted a tomato”

“Maybe UFOs are radioactive and that’s why the footage of them is always blurry.”

Source: www.reddit.com


  1. Why does every UFO look completely different from the previous one? If they are genuine visitors from other planets, we must be being visited from hundreds of planets. It wouldn’t be practical for the same race of beings to send multiple differently designed ships.

  2. The first picture looks like a scary Grinch movie

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