30+ Things Only “Rich Friends”From 90s Had

Multiple Furbies (per kid):

Moon shoes (that were never played with):

A very big projection TV in a dedicated TV room:

And a Bose CD player also in the TV room:

A “computer room” that had a computer with unlimited internet access:

And had fancy mouses that didn’t come with the computer:

A CD storage cabinet that wasn’t meant to look like it stored CDs:

A BIG collection of Playmobil toys (nothing screamed “rich kid” more than Playmobil figures and accessories):

And the Playmobil Victorian Mansion:

Beanie Babies collection that wasn’t meant to be played with:

And, of course, also the Princess Diana Beanie Baby:

A large collection of chunky VHS tapes:

TVs and VCRs in every bedroom:

Also, phone lines in every room, and when your friends got older, they got their own private lines:

A giant armoire in the primary bedroom meant to hide the TV:

A jetted tub surrounded by tile in the primary bathroom:

Several of the latest Super Soaker guns so that no one would have to share:

A huge playhouse in the backyard (that was, honestly, bigger than some studio apartments):

Along with a trampoline:

Five-CD boomboxes with remote in the bedroom of any of the kids that were older and into music:

A refrigerator that looked like a cabinet:

A trash drawer that was also a cabinet:

A second sink (a bar sink) in the kitchen:

A collection of herb-infused oils and vinegars bottles that sat on a giant kitchen window ledge:

An old-timey popcorn cart “for movie nights”:

A rec room or basement that had a pool table…

..and a *WORKING* air hockey table:

A rec room or basement closet stacked full of board games

A very fancy chess set that was purely decorative:

A ~quirky~ side-table that cost like $800:

Encyclopedias that were replaced every few years:

A fountain:

Every gaming system and almost every game that was released for it:

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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