30 Things That Will Astonish You Today

“A hairless Siamese Cat”

“The Burning Man Exodus. Black Rock City Nevada, 15 Lane Of Traffic, 10 Hours Long Traffic Jam”

“An AI algorithm can now predict faces with just 16×16 resolution. Top is low resolution images, middle is the computer’s output, bottom is the original photos.”

“In South Korea, China, and Germany, they have specific painted parking spots for women”

“The knife amnesty boxes in my town (UK) for people to drop off their weapons”

“This car park in France has soft barriers between parking spaces to stop people scratching other cars.”

“Melisa Raouf, first Miss England finalist in pageant’s history to compete without makeup”

“Dominos Japan delivers to the summit of Mt. Fuji”

“South Korean professor Cho Jae-weon invented a toilet that turns poop into energy and pays people in digital currency. A person defecates~ 500g/day converted into 50 liters of methane gas which generates 0.5 kWh. Toilet users earn Ggool, a literal sh#t coin.”

“There are some ‘reverse zoos’ around the world that put you in cages and let the animals ‘exhibit’ you instead.”

“Huge TV in Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion”

“B-side of punk band Dead Kennedys tape.”

“South Africa: Haves and Have Nots”

“Tracking of an Eagle over a 20-year period”

“How my baby mouse friend Pete has grown over the last 3 weeks..”

“I found a car in Toronto overgrown with plants , on a busy street parked beside other cars.”

“We asked for a lot of sauce. They gave us three bags full.”

“This gravestone is shared by twin sisters: one lived for just two days, the other for 101 years.”

“This tree grew over the sign, but under the paint.”

“I ordered 1 ranch. I was charged for one ranch. I received 10 ranch.”

“My friend’s grandma uses her old box tv as a stand for her plasma tv.”

“Instead of a balcony my hotel room had a private patio.”

“Our roomba was scuffing our coffee table, so my girlfriend crocheted some table socks.”

“Found out through home inspection that the toilet is plumbed with hot water, interesting infrared image.”

“This pattern in my bathroom tile kinda looks like a Nautilus shell.”

“The McDonalds “sausage” sticker fits perfectly over my air conditioning knob.”

“My hotel in Istanbul served a whole honeycomb for breakfast.”

“I made a little knife out of a Bombay Gin bottle and some antler.”

“My dirty coffee cup looks like a pine forest.”

“I flew over Burning Man last night.”

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