30 Times People Found Curious Pieces Of Paper

“Friend Of Mine Just Moved Into A New House. Took Off All The Heating Vents To Paint Them, And This Was Behind One Of Them”

“Sad Find Today”

“Death Warrant For My 10th Great Grandmother Susannah North Martin, Tried And Convicted At The Salem Witch Trials”

“Found On A Collected Airplane Food Tray By Flight Attendant”

“Found Under Windshield”

““Ain’t I A Peach? Ha, Ha” In A 1895 Bible”

“Found This Passive Aggressive Customer Service Letter From 1964 In My Garage”

“Found On My Daily Walk —“Wow””

“My Mother-In-Law Found A Message In A Bottle Washed Up On The Beach This Weekend. East Coast”

“Prom – April 24, 1970. Found While Walking The Dog This Morning”

“In The Library”

“Found In A Couch Being Re-Upholstered”

“Paper Found Among My Late Grandmother’s Belongings Talking About The Armistice Ending Ww I”

“Found In My Fortune Cookie….made Me Smile”

“I Remember That Old Pole”

“Was Told To Post Here: My Cousin Is Using This Bag Which Originally Belonged To Our Great Grandmother For Her Dance Tomorrow Night And Found A Note Which Has Been Hidden For 81 Years”

“Found (Under) Wallpaper”

“Found Posted On A Couple Of The Walls Around My City. Email At The Bottom Blacked Out”

“This Book From 1892 I Found Inside A Hole In The Wall In A Rental Flat”

“Bought An Abandoned House And Found This In The Attic”

“Found In The Hallway Of My School”

“Garage Sale Find (1929) – About 100 Love Letters Over Two Years From A Guy In Seattle To A Girl In Aberdeen, Wa”

“This Dollar Bill I Found In My Change”

“This Came Out Of A Book I Was Flipping Through”

“Purchased Old Poetry Book At Flea Market And Found This Old Receipt For A College Poetry Class. This Receipt Has Been In This Book For 102 Years!”

“Historicfound This On The Street In Downtown Sd About 4 Years Ago When I Needed It Most. It’s Been In My Wallet Ever Since”

“Found On The Floor Of A Target. Meet Carla Rose”

“Found In My Apartment Building Lobby Today In North Dakota”

“”No. Not Yet.” ~ Found In 1908 High School Geometry Textbook”

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